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  1. Even though I've been a member for over a hundred days I never made one of these,so here it goes.
    My name is Jessie, Minecraft ID is ECID_Goku you know because Dragon ball Z is awesome!
    I'm 20 years old going to college for Web Development and Design, so when i'm not doing hours of homework i'm playing Minecraft on this server smp2 or playing xbox 360 with my cousin. You want to know more feel free to ask :)
  2. Hello and Welcome I guess. :) I'm on smp4. If your ever there come on by and say Hi. :) 2014-02-03_19.53.32.png
  3. I'm glad you've stayed for this long! Hope to see you for another 100 days!

    Enjoy the Empire!
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  4. If you are like most people, after 100 days you are hooked for quite a while. You are not like the other people, don't be. Glad to see a proper introduction and glad you like it here :)
  5. I remember you selling me a lot of golden apples lol.
  6. Hello Jesse! What Is your favorite thing about EMC?
  7. Hi have fun in college
  8. Buy and sell all the time :) favorite thing would be AlexChance :p
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  9. good to see people staying around for over 100 days , people tend to quit before that.
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  10. Glad to see you are enjoying the empire! :)
  11. :DD welcome to the empire!! This place iz amazingggg c:
  12. Hello there!
    College + Minecraft?!?
    Sounds like a perfect storm to me! Any others from your school play as well?

    xbox 360? heh what games you play? (mine are black ops 2... um ya BO2)

    BTW, Vegeta > Goku
  13. Halo 4, Gears of War 3, Battlefield 4, Black ops 2 "Mastered all Call of duties", any shooters really. No I really don't talk to many people in class.
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  14. Guys 2 days ago it was my 200th day and no one cares I'm invisible :(
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  15. Titanfall ? ^^
  16. I have titan fall but its boring, i am a lvl 49 and now its old.
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  17. I googled Georgia, and it turned out it's both a US state and a country. Which of them do you live in and what time zone are you thus in? :)
  18. Welcome to the empire lol have fun its a great community
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  19. Glad to hear you're having fun, nice to meet you
    What does the ECID in your name mean? It's probably super obvious but, y'know
  20. hi
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