Hello ALL

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  1. Hey everyone !!!!

    New to MineCraft player here. i bought minecraft just so i could play on empire servers

    looking to get into the economy scene soon

    Thanks EB
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  2. Hey Effin :D Welcome to EMC. You'll love our shop system, feel free to ask if you need help with it though as it can be confusing (at first) :)
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  3. Hello EB, and welcome to EMC! I hope you enjoy your stay! :D
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  4. Thanks ! I'm looking forward to it. Hoping to translate my RL business management skills to MC
  5. dude, so totally love that name xD
  6. Well, this could be interesting... you sound pretty devoted to mastering the economy :)
    Anyway, welcome to the Empire! We've recently been having lots of updates, so I think you chose a pretty good time to join.
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  7. Welcome!
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  8. :cool: Welcome! :D
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  9. Thanks !!! I love me some batman lol
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  10. I am devoted to it. at least in some way. I haven't built a house or anything all i have done is start stock piling stone in some form lol.
  11. Welcoe to the empire Effin :D. Hope you enjoy your stay i the servers :D.
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  12. Thanks for all the welcomes folks im on SPM6 come visit any time and leave me some suggestions !!
  13. Hey EffinBatman, if you need any help just ask :D
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  14. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  15. Watch out for meghs, she might stalk you
  16. Welcome to EMC!
    I'd watch out for Aikar, he might release an update out of nowhere >.>
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  17. Well, they are generally after midnight, so you least have an expected time frame =P
  18. You should try a before midnight release. No one will be expecting that! :p
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  19. Hello Aikar !! i mean being stalked for the love of Batman is okay isnt it
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  20. Welcome! Empire is da bestust :)
    Why? Cause I'm batman
    Nah cause nobody will hate you hopefully
    And it's fun
    Edit: this is my worst welcome ever ugh
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