Hello Again.

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  1. Hi all.
    This past year had been horrible for me...
    School and Homework :(

    Anyways, I have considered being active again*
    (in the forums only right now)
    And well.

    To all those I have known in the past. Hey!

    To all of those I do not know: Hi, I'm brickstrike!

    This thread is just a quick shoutout to everyone letting you know...
    I'M BACKKK!!!!!!
  2. Oh wow, brickstrike! It has been a while! I'm very happy to see you back!
  3. Welcome back, brickstrike! :)
  4. Hello and Welcome Back!!
  5. Welcome back, just reading over your profile page shows how much you were missed. :)
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  6. You would not believe how much we've missed you here, especially with so little warning as to your departure. I look forward to seeing you back a bit around the forums and hope to get to know you even better than before. So, uh, yeah...
    *showers brickstrike with muffins*
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  7. Welcome back, always nice to see a regular back!
  8. Hi brickstrike. Welcome back, it's great to see old members returning. :)
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  9. Welcome back bro! :) It has been a while, glad to see the return of a lot of great players back on EMC.
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  10. Welcome back :) I remember you from a long time ago haha
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  11. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get back on your feet :)
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  12. Ayyy I was wondering the other day what happened to you. Welcome back!
  13. And going derelict :/

    I looked you up, 405 days ago (impressive) on my 2nd favourite server: smp5 (I had a vacation residence there which is going to be turned used for a community project).

    Well.. I do hope to see more of you in the future!

    Welcome back!
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  14. Welcome back!! :D
  15. Welcome back! I thought you were gone for sure.
  16. Hey, brickstrike! Nice to see you back! It's been so long and I occasionally checked to see if you were coming back... And now you're here! It's great to see you here again and I give you my warmest of welcomes!
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  17. Sup.
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  18. :O
    My Dinnerbone!
    You LIVEEEEE!!
  19. ahhh if it isn't old brick strike hows it been buddy
  20. Welcome back! I have heard of you, but I don't believe we've ever really met. Hope to see you around!
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