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  1. A few people have seen and/or talked to me over the last few days but I haven't really said much else.

    Sooo I figured I say hi.

    Hi ;p

    I wouldn't say I am "back" really. I just got bored with another game I was playing so I figured I might as well do some small updates to my shop. To give you all an idea when i left (or, "back in my day"), the max level was not 30...we just got the height limit raised. No bats, heads, fireworks, Item frames, nether star thingies or enchantment books existed. And that newb Alex wasn't a mod (hehehe). And, for that matter, my shop was big...

    Now? Not so much. After looking around I am impressed. My shop has been dwarfed by mega malls and not really impressive at all anymore. I have done a lot of personal cleaning (like random chests everywhere) and added some beacons. Oh, and fixed my chant tables. But in the end, I still have a very outdated minimart and I understand that. I have read up a lot on MC updates but haven't really started on EMC updates.

    When I left I donated large amounts of money to a few private people. And as I was gone, the enchanting thing changed drastically so I put out a lot of money with that. Not too mention a shop sign that "Magically" changed from a diamond sword to an iron sword and got filled... >.> tbh I am still a little confused on how some stuff went down while i was gone. It didn't help either that I bought a dc of EMC armor/tools and a bunch of fireworks. But in the end I still have a couple rupees left and not too worried about it.

    My plans are to maybe rebuild. Maybe. The design I have in mind would take more then a few DC of obsidian and quartz so not sure if I want to tackle that. Not that I can't afford it, its just that when I left, not many people were resource gatherers. And I am not much of one either. Even if I somehow got what I think I need. . .I'm still not even sure if I would want to lol.

    To answer some F.A.Q.

    No, I will not give you my head.
    No, I will not tell you my rupee balance.
    No, I will not give you rupees.
    I'm still not sure if I'm "Back" or just passing through.

    So again, Hello. :)
    If you don't know who I am, don't be surprised and don't worry about it. This is more for a the few people left on smp2 that I know/know of me.

    Hugs and kisses lol
  2. Howdy.
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  3. Welcome back!
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  4. Good to see you again.
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  5. Heee's baaack! Well sorta... Nice to see you again Leo!
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  6. Missed ya! Well, now I get to continue staring at that empty void where the dragon egg was...
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  7. You're here! I didn't really know you. But anyways, welcome back! :D <- Thats if you're back :p
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  8. Welcome back leo :) Your name was the first I came to "know" and my one stop shop on smp2! Def is good to see you back.

    Things have changed ,but for the better, EMC is getting lots of good updates now and more fun stuff to do.
  9. Ty everyone.


    Its pretty cool how u went from "that guy on a private island" to admin ;p
  10. Welcomeish backish, maybe/hopefullyish. :)
  11. Leo! Well, I've already welcomed you back (sorta) in the game so I'll do the same on here. For those of you that didn't know, Leo was where I shopped BEFORE the Tardis Shop (the first one) was even built...
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  12. Hurrah for the -ish prefix suffix!
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  13. *suffix
  14. I feel geniusish....
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  15. Well hello.
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  16. Hi! Welcome back.
    A lot of new things happened.
    Mainly just more death though.
  17. Leo :D
    You are one of the reasons I could build my first residences!
    I always bought stuff at your shop in my first days :p
    I even bought a few shovels these days there too (almost 50k worth of shovels haha).
    Hope to see you play again!
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  18. Welcome sorta-back :D
    Enjoying all your millionz and millionz?...

    Oh yeah, Robot and i is enjoying the egg!
    Any idea on what SMP this egg is from? After you sold it i got confirmed that it wasn't the one from Utopia, so i started wondering what smp its really from, =O
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  19. Welcome back! Please do try to stick around :p
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  20. Maybe leo got it from the server.... THE server... :) (the one server no regular member has been on except him....)