Helllllllo everybody

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  1. Hello! I am Tim, better known as pizzarolls. I've been playing empire for just a few days but have just now made my way to the forums. I've been playing minecraft off and on sine Alpha. I'm on server 2 at 4071, The Oven. I aspire to be a future shopkeep so hopefully I can keep up the motivation, I have quite a ways to go after seeing some of the other malls around the world. I thought getting involved in the forum might help me hold my interest longer in Empire so howdy!

    I'm 26, from Texas. I'll be playing pretty sporadically through days off from work. I live with my girlfriend who is due in July! We find out on the 20th if it's a boy or girl!

    I do enjoy to drink and mine but I will always be respectful. I'm just here to have a good time!
  2. Hope you have a great time here Tim, welcome to the Empire! :)
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  3. Welcome to EMC Tim! I live close to Austin Texas. Starting the kid off right, letting him or her, be born a Texan. Good for you!
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  4. Welcome to EMC! Love your IGN by the way. :) Hope you enjoy your time here!
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  5. Welcome to the Empire and grats on the bun in the oven! :D
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  6. I rate your name 4/4

    Also, welcome to the Empire!
  7. Welcome to the Empire, glad you found your way to the forums!
    Load of work goes into malls, but keep at it and you will get there!

    Grats on being a soon to be dad!
    Some of us do drink and mine, so be sure to grab a cold mug, and get on mumble with the rest of us for some fun!

    Don't know if you can make it, but friday night miners is usually a blast. Many join into mumble as well to be able to talk and play!

    See you around 2 sometime!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome folks! I am very much looking forward to joining the terrifying world of being a Dad!

    I'll definitely try to make this sometime highlancer54. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
  9. Welcome!
    Can save you great deal of trouble, work and expenses:

    There is a very healthy alternative. Gather information early enough :)
    (If you wonder why most people fail there feel free to ask.)
  10. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  11. Welcome to the Empire Tim. Congrats to you and your girlfriend on the future birth of your baby. :)