Hell Cat?

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  1. For all you cat lovers out there I think there should be a hell cat.
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  2. I don't know, we already have the Netherhound, and that's primarily based off the idea of angry wolves. I don't think an adorable kitty chasing you would be as intimidating. :p
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  3. Lol yeah your probably right not really intimidating.
  4. I guess you could make it intimidating by making it more powerful than an enderdragon? No, it could be a kitty riding an enderman, and has 100 health.
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  5. I don't think this is possible, sadly.

    Since cats are jerks and like to tip stuff over, why don't they just empty the contents of nearby chests :p
  6. xD yeah that would be a great idea. And the spawn rates should be higher, so if they spawn in your makeshift house, your screwed lol.
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  7. Endercats :)

    Once they get close to you then you'll risk them nabbing something from your inventory after which you'd better fight them quick before they're gone. Favorite items to nab: wool (because its fun) and shiney items such as iron and gold ingots :)
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  8. Ah yes, that sounds real interesting! Also has a 1% chance of teleporting your items into a dropper and chest nearby.
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  9. I think that would be cool
  10. I've seen it done.
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  11. Lol when this turn into cat burgalars xD
  12. Cat Burglars! The new age of briefing on EMC lol
    Plz implement this i need to grief everyone (jk jk)