Heads (Olaf_C, please Read)

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  1. I was was on Reddit the other day and found a forum all about heads (So people can make custom dirt, diamond heads) and I think that some of the Reddit community ones should be added once they add the Mojang Official ones.
    Also for Olaf_C, I found this on the Reddit forum. You are popular to 3 people.

    EDIT: If not this, add a system where you can buy specific non-emc player heads.
  2. also this guy's submitted 60 heads, so he knows what he's talking about
  3. Olaf's Fans xD
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  4. What's a posse?
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  5. I have absolutely no idea but why not go along with it :p.
  6. Isn't that wario's car?
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  7. a body or force armed with legal authority.
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  8. The act or possession of a posse >: D
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