Head Farming

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  1. Hay every one, chickeneer hear. I knead a flavor.

    Anyway - my head is a commodity I love to share, but I dislike spending lots of time killing myself. Would anyone be willing to share the secret on how to quickly obtain lots of heads (killing myself lots of times). You can reply to this thread or send me a message HERE
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  2. Sent you a message, mines probably the best. :p
  3. would you mind sending me it quarter? if not fair enough :) thanks
  4. For 5k ruppees. Mwahaha shoot me a pm and ill send you it if you keep it a secreet
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  5. Would a bed surrounded by water/lava that makes you Drown and hoppers on the floor be a good idea"
    • Bed
    • Water stream next to bed
    • Sleep in bed
    • Respawn in water stream
    • Go along water stream
    • Fall into hole
    • Die in hole
    • Hoppers at bottom of hole
    • Repeat
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  6. Wow, is that AFK own head farming? :eek:
  7. You cant ever be AFK, you still need to be there to hit respawn
  8. Oh yeah, of course, sorry >.<
  9. Could tape your mouse
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  10. I've built a machine that does this before. When i get home I can either send you a schematic of it or show you screen shots of it.
  11. It would be much appreciated! ;)
  12. That's against the EMC rules though.
  13. EMC rules, but could be single player :)
  14. ... i don't think you're head drops in single player, does it? >_>
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  15. a quicker version is piston pushing after spawnign on a stone pad
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  16. Wouldn't work anyways
  17. 1. Sleep in bed.
    2. Kill self.
    3. Mark spawn point.
    4. Set tripwire attached to piston to push you off of your spawn point into a hole.
    5. Hopper at bottom of hole.
    6. Kill self.
    7 Respawn, get immediately pushed into hole.
    8. Die of fall damage.
    9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until tired of clicking the respawn button, a creeper blows up your bed/hole, the hopper gets full, or you need to go do something productive.