Hawaii on emc!

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  1. Hey Guys i came up with this idea that emc should have a hawaii! if its player built or admin i think this would be a great thing on the community so what smp should it be on? easy to say the great and powerfull smp3! i came up with this idea when i started to make a hawaii at my base.
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  2. So, you're trying to build Hawaii at your base on smp3?
  3. someone should make a full scale build of the earth
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  4. Full scale? How do you mean? That's impossible, because the build limit is y=256, while there are places on earth that are mover than 256 meters from the middle of the earth.
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  5. All of the surface area of the world is a lot more than 256 meters above the middle of the Earth! :p
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  6. It would be cool, sure, but it would take a LONG time to make it. I just don't think you could find people willing to put that much time or materials in.