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  1. Hello, My IGN name is Honeydew_rocks... Anyways I have been having idea's for about the past week or so, Its a build That i would like to have On SMP3. So the biuld should be made out of IRON blocks, glass, SMOOTH stone. By now u may be thinking of what i would like to have on SMP3... it's a hospatial. So the hospatial should be about 9-15 floors, I would help biuld it but the would take awhile, but if u give me creative I will do it from some help from either Dark_Liz or d1223m. When we are finished u can take creative mode off for me then ill be on with my Minercaft days.. Some rupees for biulding this would be nice.
    lets say like 25 rupees fro a floor or ill do it for free (or Rupees).
    If anyone could send this to JustinGuy of GameKrib (i think its GameKrib) That would be very appreciated by me.

    Honeydew_rocks on smp3.
    And as always Respect ur elders.. Actually don't respact ur elders, respect them if they give u candy (sry i got off topic alot..or sometimes);)
  2. This is entirely unneeded, as in town you can't take damage. However, building this in the wilderness would be awesome, and have the "hospitilization" be a reaaaaaallllyyyyy delayed dispenser shooting instant health potions!
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  3. The idea of this is just for fun and make a little creation for smp3.
  4. If u want I will ask if this could be biult in the wild.
  5. Don't ask for creative, you're not going to get it. If you want to build a hospital, or anything else, go for it. You'll need to get the materials legitimately just like everyone else.
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  6. Or I can get a soemone else it as just a idea jezz no need to spaz out at me
  7. Annih a little FYI as i said to kirby it will probaly be made in the wild
  8. I don't see how that's relevant. You still have to get the materials legitimately. There are no exceptions to that rule on this server.
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  9. I know thats why there curency in this server so i dont have to ge the materials ar i can just get someone on creative to do it. It would by in the wild because people get hurt there then they can give uo like 1-10r to get fixed up.
  10. Yeah it would be very cool but I don't think JustinGuy would allow anyone creative-mode because they could secretly spawn in loads of stacks of diamond blocks and sell them :/ but it would be really cool :)
  11. Solution: Have the staff make it under the direction of Honeydew_rocks...
  12. There are already 5 hospitals in each wilderness, they are the main spawn and the 4 outposts. As soon as you enter these areas your hunger and health will regenerate. :)
  13. I believe it would be a cool building, but as shaunwhite1982 said, those are no needed at all, anyways, if you have a big proyect the best you can do is: make a shop and then get those rupees to buy the stuff you need, mine it or ask for donations with something as exchange for people who donate :)
    BTW: Also, if you want to ask for donations, you need to be a member that everyone trusts :p
  14. I certainly wasn't tryin to dissuade you from your idea though honeydew_rocks, I would be happy to personally donate some stone for your project, I would love to see a finished creation and it would be much safer on your lot. :)
  15. Yep shaun is right but as i think of the hospital of a store in the wild with ONLY healing stuff.
  16. I actually meaned that there is no point on having a hospital at wild since there are the spawn points, not anything else :p
  17. I know, I just wanted to make it known I wasn't against the idea completely, just not sure of the need for it in the wild. :)
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  18. Shaun what i ment was, After lets sat 100,000 blocks there can be a small biulding with potions like heal or posin potion ( posin sounds fun). Or we can have it empty no floors just the buildind that says Hosptail.
    Can people stop spazing out at me it was must a idea.:(
  19. I could tell them how to biuld it in chat.
  20. Yes kirby thats a good idea