Haven't been here in a while...

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  1. Well I think it's been almost two years since I was banned... Still have not found a server that I enjoyed more than this one. I was one of the first 500 hundred.
    Tried to go to new server but wow, I hate what I did and myself for doing it(Duplication) many of you do not know me but there are a few who might and I just weaned to see how you guys are doin? I would love to pay in the server again, but I'd suck, haven't played for like a year and wow there are lots of new stuff, well that's all I guess, bye
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  2. Weaned derp wanted
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  3. Hi there.
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  4. Maybe GameKribJim remembers you? :p
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  5. Why would I appeal I did it, and it was wrong
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  6. Because, when you appeal, you admit what you did was wrong, and maybe the staff will forgive you and you can play again :D
  7. Well, when you appeal, there's an option to admit to what you did, or to oppose and say you didn't do it. In the case that you are admitting, you must be sincerely sorry for what you did, and you may have a chance at returning. ;)
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  8. If you appeal you can play with us again :D
    And eat cake
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  9. I'm trying to appeal right now I click that I was perma banned and then it say pick either No, and I promise or Yes, and I promise well I cant click either of them...
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  10. I remember your picture and name from somewhere... Hm. :p
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  11. Anyone please help me with this?
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  12. Um, try making a thread at "Help and Support."

    As for GameKribDuck, if you did something wrong but you are sorry for it, you can appeal and get right back on the empire. And true, empire minecraft is way too fun and no other server is the same. :)
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  13. fail typo you put "500 hundred"
  14. how was that a typo?
  15. ...
  16. five-hundred hundred
  17. lol duhhh
  18. you asked how it was a typo