Have you heard of Cobble inc.

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  1. Cobble inc. is a business that has 2 key things 1. Cobble [and much of it] 2. Emeralds. If you would like to join please come down to /smp9 at my res.

    Thanks guys!!!
    I will be selling cobble at my res at a low price of 20r a stack
    Emerald blocks are at the highest offer which currently is Manchildie with 25k for the stack.
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  2. Sorry, I grinned. No offense but; cobble and emeralds do seem far apart ;) Even so; I didn't hear of you guys yet (not in game so I cannot check your account (like any player can: /p <name>)) and well ;) Say I did want to buy emeralds, what would you offer? Don't share prices! At least not in public (those can change) but...

    Quantities? half a stack, 1 stack or more? What can your customers expect?

    Give us quantities and I'm sure you might get players interested.
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  3. well i sell them in 1 stack lots
  4. a stack of blocks that is
  5. How about emeralds? What do you sell them by? Price?
  6. I sell them to the highest offer of the week
  7. Which is? And what quantity do you sell them by?
    I suggest that you add a lot more detail to your original post.
  8. I buy both at /v 19500. Emerald prices are quite competitive.

    If you want to do a bulk cobble deal let me know... I will be needing about 20 DCs. If you offer an even cheaper price I'd go for 30. :p

    PS Are you planning to come back and mine anytime soon?
  9. yes i will be mining its just i have been busy with getting emeralds
  10. As Azoundria says I'll buy 20-50 Dcs of cobble at 20r a stack. Pm me if you want to sell in bulk.