Have you ever used the Empire quickshop?

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Have you ever used the quickshop before?

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Yes. 9 vote(s) 50.0%
There is a quickshop? I didn't know! 3 vote(s) 16.7%
Nope. 6 vote(s) 33.3%
I'm only here for the cookies. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi gang!

    We all know the /shop, right? Awesome looking but highly overpriced shop where you can basically buy every block in the game. At insane prices, but there's a good reason for that! I mean, just take a look at that building, that must have cost a rupee or two ;) For the newer players amongst us: Nah, just kidding. the prices are high to prevent inflation from happening.

    But did you know there's also a quickshop?

    Step right up, diamonds for sale! ;)

    Whenever you step into the wastelands you'll start off on an outpost (north, south, north-east, etc.). Every outpost has teleports to other outposts, but around the edges you'll find this pillar. And quite frankly: some of the items can sometimes be very handy to have available!

    Before we could open our /vault on an outpost I bought plenty of boats in order to get back to a location where I died before (I made a small mining outpost across a big lake). And just this afternoon I nabbed a chest while repairing a bit of the mess in the wastelands; I was simply too lazy to search for one in my vault.

    I doubt anyone would actually buy diamonds in the wasteland, but items such as boats, bread, chests and water buckets can come in quite handy.

    So what about you?
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  2. I have bought my share of boats. Otherwise I don't think I have bought anything from it. Boats annoyingly take 5 wood so I have to split 2 logs and end up with 3 planks unless I want to split five logs for four boats and I don't really need four boats most of the time. So instead of dealing with that headache I just click the sign for my boat xD
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  3. Yeah, a boat, once, probably.
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  4. Same as everyone: just a boat
  5. I always buy food from the quickshop because I always forget to /vault it. :cool:
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  6. boats... like everyone else I hate crafting them so I buy all my boats there
  7. Umm, not really :)
    Low prices in the /shop would prevent inflation - but would heavily damage the economy and make it (and the server) ridiculous.

    If you wonder why there is a /shop and why such prices - it did make some sense when the server was new and when there were no good player shops, but it is of very little use now, if any.
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  8. It may not stop inflation now, but if the economy did start to inflate lots /shop would stop the inflation when it got to to /shop prices
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  9. Actually it has already stopped inflation a bit. If I recall correctly the price of diamonds used to be lower (200r iirc) and got raised to 500r not too long ago. Merely because the overall price in player shops started to rise, thus also giving the economy a bit of leniency.
  10. Yeah, I noticed that, but didn't know how to phrase it :p

  11. "a bit" meaning "for one item, for a day or two" -
    it was diamond ore and some people were buying in the /shop and bulk-selling to unsuspecting shop owners. I still have that DC of diamond ore... At that point, it became obvious that the idea of /shop as price limiter is not acceptable and that it would only disturb the economy and do too much damage.
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  12. bought boats, torches and some food a few times.