Have you ever had a (sleep) dream that involved Minecraft/EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jakres, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Becase i had one.

    Pirates blowed my skyscraper tower with redstone stuff. They left skyscraper before it started to blow up.
  2. Yes lol :p
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  3. I married .... A person ..... *blacks out*
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  4. i cant get to sleep without thinking about my project/next project! XD
  5. Is it bad if I say yes?
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  6. no XD :cool:
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  7. I was dreaming that I was a Diamond Supporter and I was talking to xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, Jennypoo10 and kevdudeman at the slime farm when I saw *someone* griefing and everyone started chasing him. Then, *someone* PVPed in Utopia wilderness and I started chasing him, too...
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  8. lol my other dream was INFINITE RUPEES!! And buying EMC ;) with a lotto win
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  9. Oh goodie, I am mentioned. :p
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  10. What was it :p?
    Of course not!
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  11. No but I am always thinking about what am i gonna do next on MC tomorrow?!:confused:
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  12. Yes, I was playing on a prison for one, someone had died with TONS of good stuff. I was so happy lol( until I woke up lol)

    I've had lots of EMC.
    Most of ppl griefing things that I just built. Its always a relief when I awake haha :)
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  13. Long... story lol
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  14. I was walking then got blown up by a creeper. THE END
  15. Had one just the other night. Dreamed I was in-game, walking out of LLO & fell straight down into a hole and into lava. Jumped. Scared the h3ll out of my wife & my dogs. They all woke up and started barking. Took like 30mins to get everyone settled back down.
  16. Im pretty hyped up on pie so that creeper dream wasnt real
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  17. I once dreamed that somebody sold me 2 dragon eggs for 200R each. I raged when I woke up. XD
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  18. Unlucky XD
  19. This happens to me a lot. Minecraft or code
  20. No... Lots of other things though