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  1. Well, this shall be a little different "Introduce Yourself" thread. When I first startet out on EMC, I've decided not to make a silly "Hi I'm Hasorko" post, I've waited to a special event to do so. And this is today. It is my 100th day on EMC and I'm happy to be a community member for so "long" already. :)



    I'm Hasorko. Some of you may know me by now, for those who not a little introduction. I'm 21 and study computer systems in engineering in germany, which also is my home country. I enjoy to form prjects, which strongly involve others, as I like to be around with others and it gives playing another level of importance. I'm also a person, who loves humor. I dont care if it is silly or something you have to think about twice before you can laugh :). I dislike childish behaviour, especially on EMC many different ages collide and none is a minority. There for I think it is very important to grow up in our minds and show how mature we all can be.

    I'm the creator of several, in my opinion very successful, projects, such as:



    ON EMC:


    Iskierka's Prison and the Legend of the Dragon Trio


    and my most recent project,

    District 67


    Well it has been 100 days and I learned a lot about EMC. The most important thing probably is THANK YOU EMC STAFF, THANK YOU JUSTIN, THANK YOU JEREMY.

    I look forward to my next 100 days, with my mates from the District 67, you are awesome girls and guys.

    Greetz Hasorko ;)
  2. Shower!
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  3. Nice builds!
  4. Wow, my compliments to these amazing structures.
  5. Happy 100th day here! What shall you do now?
  6. Well for now I'm really busy with the district 67. There are lots of projects within it. Right now we are gathering materials for a building with 3798 BLOCKS of gold :p