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  1. Hashhog's account has been hacked! He isn't using orange text! We must save him ;-;
  2. He is still in contribution team (even staff can be in the contribution team) but he did get promoted, he didn't get hacked...or did he >: )
  3. I bet it's PenguinDJ again :rolleyes:
  4. *gasp* Oh nooooo
  5. Hashhog resigned from the Contribution Team before becoming staff, however staff can do everything contributors can so he's kinda on the team. :p
    He didn't use my font. ;)
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  6. You're just trying to make it look like it's not you by using a different font, obviously... ;)
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  7. I agree with that...
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  8. They got Pink too!
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  9. I wonder what "coffee" people have been drinking and also why I wasn't invited :p So far I never managed to get myself into those regions where I couldn't see colors properly. I mean: that is obviously orange, everyone can see that :p
  10. The people who notice these tiny things are the people that go places in life. ;)
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  11. *Sniffle* True Dat
  12. Sorry, all, but I ran out of orange juice to dump on my computer to color the words. Bought some just now, so everything's A+ once more. :)
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  13. Someone said coffee? May I suggest an alternative?
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  14. Oh, right. I forgot your blood is 5 hour energy.
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