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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by zervados, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, I currently play on a hardcore server with some random people.
    On reddit, a guy invited 16 players to be a part of his experimental server. I was one of them. Anyways, there was one main rule: If you die, you will come back as spectator and nothing else. The server is up for 1-1.5 hours every Friday.

    With 16 people invited, the first day started today. We found a nearby pyramid and I raided it first and got the TNT. Only 7 players showed up, which wasn't bad. Only one player died the first night and we recorded his name and last words. Here is the result of the first day:

    A player did not make it into the picture, so only us 5. Each Friday night, we plan on taking a group photo. I will be posting the group photos as the game goes on.
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  2. *Spoiler* The Host is actually Bill Gates.....
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  3. Actually, the host is Ed ;)
  4. Sounds fun!

    Don't die.

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  5. Funny thing was, when PresMarkle died, he rage quit immediately. Thank you, by the way.
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  6. Oh, this sounds cool! Keep us updated! :)
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  7. I will update once Friday night arrives. :D
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  8. This Friday was complete chaos. With only four of us showing up, we began our adventure. We managed to find some diamonds, make an enchantment table, and make a nether portal.
    When I was making the enchantment table, I could not help but here doors constantly opening and closing. I asked somebody else in the main base if they heard it, they replied that their sound was off. For about five minutes, I was tearing down the house, looking for the doors. It almost made me commit in-game suicide. I finally asked somebody else to come into the base to see if they heard it. They did. They dug around deeper and found the source of the problem: Somebody had created a redstone contraption to opened and closed doors repeatedly underground.

    We disarmed this machine from hell and left it underground.

    Finally, I bring you the group picture.

    With nobody dying, Chester remained the only dead person. "What the hell is emotional age?" were his last words.
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  9. With just the three of us and a new guy, we began another chapter of our adventures. We moved to a more grassier place in a small shack. Nobody died, but came close to it when I exploded a block of TNT right next to Zach. This seems to be getting more fun as the Fridays go on.
    We finish with our beautiful shack and the people who play is me along this hardcore journey.
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  10. I thought discussion of other servers was prohibited?
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  11. Reading up on the rules, you are correct. I am terribly sorry.

    Funny thing about that: Even with the title being "Hardcore Server Fun", nobody reacted.
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