Hard to stop watching...

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  1. You must watch the entire video. - Viewer Discretion Advised

    HAHAHA You have all been #rekt.
  2. What is this
    I don't even
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  3. Ten seconds skipped to middle, brain started melting, skipped to end... do less drugs people.
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  4. I'm mentally scared from those outfits.
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  5. Oddly satisfying
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  6. My favourite song <3
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  8. They need Jesus, yo...
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  9. No, not this again.... I finally forgot about it and now it has been brought up again. D:
  10. Hahaha! Sorry ~
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  11. Watched the video my face slowly went from what is this video to why did I watch this.
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  12. Everyone, stop lying.
    You know you like it. :p
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  13. Exactly.

    OMG Stacey, like, I can't even


    On a scale of one to even, I can't.
  14. Not going to have any problem not watching this. Early David Bowie is much more out there than this.
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  15. What about this?
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  16. By the way, this video is by a Russian music artist.
  17. I've watched several of Vitas' videos over the years and although I do not understand any of the lyrics, I find him entertaining to listen to and watch. I enjoy a lot of foreign movies and media though and like to see these different expressions of life and culture. Check out how he interacts with the audience in this performance in Los Angeles:
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  18. That was hot.
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  19. I know, right? As this is the only song I have ever heard by him (and I only heard it yesterday), I cannot fully sympathize with you, but I understand what you mean. Also, as ChickenDice said,
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  20. I don't know how I felt about that.

    The Shia Labeouf video was the bomb though.
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