Happy Veterans Day 2017!

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  1. In observance of this day, EMC is giving everyone a 2017 Remembrance Poppy with /promo veterans17

    It has been suggested in the past that we not make these promo items, but we believe that the Remembrance Poppy is just as important as the Fourth of July promos and will continue to release them out of respect for the importance of this holiday. We simply ask that you each share that same respect and understand that they are special release items for a reason and you only get one.

    I will be holding a small ceremony at 6:30 pm EMC time at /v veterans on smp6. It will last roughly 30 minutes and will be more like a traditional Veterans Day ceremony, like last year and the year before.

    My hope is that whoever comes will do their best to follow that ideal and extend their respect through silence during the ceremony as you would during a real life one.

    Thank you to all who have served and all whom we have lost.
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  2. This is always great to those who are fallen. Thank you so much Krysyy
  3. Happy Veterans Day :)
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  4. Happy veterans day :) For me, as A dutch person, I wouldn't have known about this hollyday if there wouldn't have been a promo. Not that it is much more as a promo for me still, but is great :)
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  5. Can't really go to ceremony. Happy veterans day.
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  6. Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all who have served for our country. :)
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  7. It's also great for those who have not fallen but are still here or have served.
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  8. Thank you Krysyy for having this! If anyone has a verified YouTube account, I have a 2.4GB recording of the ceremony.
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  9. today me and my boy scout troop 86 retired 8 flags at Fernandez park in pinole and as a funraiser serverd veterans lunch at a veteran senior center
  10. Happy Veteran's Day all may we all remember those who fought and sacrificed for our country :)
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  11. Happy Veteran's day. May God lift up those who have served.
  12. I am truly humbled by how respectful we can all be during something like this, and that even though it's a game at the end of the day, people can respect what this ceremony means. .o7
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  13. Curious, how long is the promo gonna last, I haven't got access to a computer rn so...

    Happy Veterans Day though!
    *eagle lands on shoulder with American flag waving in the background*
  14. Love that as well.
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  15. is it happy though?
  16. I would hope that any deceased Veteran would want us to remember them with happy thoughts, for they served to protect our freedom and happiness in this world. For those that are still alive, we celebrate all that they are and all that they do/have done to continue to protect our freedoms. So yes, it is happy.
  17. I love Veterans Day due to my grandfather being a Veteran, but next year the remembrance poppy should be given on MEMORIAL DAY because it seems to be commemorating deceased Veterans rather than living. Veterans day is celebrating those who are still with us, although we do commemorate this who have past too, but overall, Memorial Day seems a better time to send out the Remembrance Poppy. Well that is just my opinion.
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