Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

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  1. Whether you are travelling or staying home this Thanksgiving, we hope that each of you have a safe and happy day and that you each take a moment to think about what you are thankful for in your life. It could be your dog, your family, your job, etc. Whatever you want it to be. Just take a moment today and give thanks.

    We at EMC would like to give thanks to all of our amazing players! Without you, EMC would not be the source of so much fun, laughter, and overall good times that it is today. To display our thanks, we're releasing a promotional item...

    What's Thanksgiving without STUFFING?!?!?! This year's promo is the Stuffing Scooper! Continue your Thanksgiving dangerous utensil collection with this overpowered shovel, guaranteed to serve your stuffing in style! Enchants are balanced to match just below the Ham Hacker's abilities. I'm sure we'll see these in and around the PvP arena soon!

    Stuffing Scoopers will also be available in the /shopworld for 30,000 a piece. Pick up some for your family, friends, neighbors, etc. Limited time holiday promo will be removed on December 3rd. That means you have 10 DAYS!
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  2. First and awesome Promo. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. Awesome idea! Happy Thanksgiving all!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks for the new promo...
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  5. So from my understanding the fire aspect on the spoon cooks the stuffing right before you eat it so it's hot and fresh. Cool beans, or should I say cool stuffing. But the stuffing wouldn't be cool would it, because it's just been cooked.
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  6. Could almost say it's Hot Stuff.
  7. Merry Thanksgivingmass
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  8. This is neat thanks for this :)
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  9. I think that's the most dangerous shovel I've ever seen...
  10. Get off this thread I can't anymore :confused:
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  11. Cool promo and Happy thanksgiving everyone! <3
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  12. Happy thanksgiving everyone! It's always nice to take time to remember the good things in life. =) Have a great day!
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  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!
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  14. Happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful for emc and all the friends I've made on here ^-^/
    The promo sounds pretty awesome! I'm not a big fan of stuffing but maybe I'll use it for my potatoes! :p
  15. Awesome!
    *darn it, it is soulbound so I can't toss it in lava....gotta use the chest method*
    It won't come in handy though since I don't eat stuffing :p
    or eat turkey...
    or eat meat...
    mmmm cranberry sauce
  16. Happy Thanksgiving all :)
  17. Happy Thanksgiving! :D
  18. Happy Thanksgiving
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  19. Happpy Thanksgiving all... and I am thankful for the leisure time EMC affords me to relax with. :)

    Cheers all!
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  20. The Legendary Spoon