Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Nah they usually stick around in the store for a week or so, so I will get one when I get back from vacation. But does anyone know how long /promo will work for it? I won't be back till Sunday so I hope it will still be available then
  2. Yay the portable gold factory is back!
  3. Yes! A new promo! Thanks very much :D
  4. Maybe an Irish flag in the flag shop!?

    Happy St. Pats Day!
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  5. Aw, come on... :( How long will it stay for? Not longer than a week, I hope? D:
  6. Just about a week or so. With it being Spring Break in the US, we are aware that some people may be on vacation so we want to give them a chance to have the promo too.
  7. I'm sorry, I'm happy with it being quite long, so most people get a chance to buy some :)
    I was just a bit salty, after I understood my Pot O' Gold Project would be hindered.
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  8. So the /promo command will still work on Sunday?
  9. Its was St. Patrick's days was yesterday for me xD
  10. If it's a week or so then yes :p
  11. Noice. Free promos is always awesome.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day all! Y'all sham-rock! xD

    (the puns....uuuuuggggghhhhhh lol)
  12. how long will it be in the shop?
  13. could not find it in the shop. HElp?
  14. Thanks for this Promo.

    Maybe a suggestion is to have the same promo, but add different text. I also noticed you missed the Pie Day Promo. hehe
  15. Your questions have already been answered in this thread.

    As stated earlier, this item will be in the shop later on today.
    There wouldn't be much point in changing the text I don't think (personally), and as for Pi Day, we haven't always received a Pi Day promo so it's not guaranteed that we'll get one each year anyway. :p
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  16. I got punched today for not wearing green... -_-
    Happy St. Paddys! :D This promo is really cool too.
  17. That's because it was 3.14.16 this year...
    Ultimate Pi Day was 3.14.15 so talk to me in 99 years =)
  18. Promos now available in /shop for 15,000r each.
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  19. awesome! how long are you leaving them up?
  20. Please see answer in other posts of this thread.