Happy Labor Day 2017!

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  1. Happy Labor Day 2017!
    We hope that you all are enjoying your holiday weekend.

    Grab yourself the 2017 Labor bench by using the command /promo laborday17.

    Available until the 11th.
  2. Nice another Labor day bench :) Also, happy labor day everyone!
  3. Happy labor day(do you say happy labor day or something else?)

    edit: love the Red :)
  4. Hope all of you American's are enjoying your day off :p

    Happy Labor Day!
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  5. Happy monday !
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  6. Happy Labor Day everyone!
  7. Happy Labour Day!
  8. Happy Labour Day!
  9. Aw yis, one of my favorite promos. So dang useful for tall buildings with many variations of stone being used. Load up the shulkers, grab one of these puppies, and you're set.
  10. Happy labor day! :D
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  11. Happy Labor Day :)
  12. Happy Labour Day all!
  13. I can't figure out how to use this thing. Open it without placing it??? Halp..... I'm confused hahaha
  14. Just right click with it in your hand. Poof, crafting bench.
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  15. Happy Labor Day everyone.
  16. Happy Labour Day~<3
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  17. Happy Labor day ! Gotta say these Labor Benches are my favorite promos out of all dem xD <3
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  18. Thank you for the clarification lol
  19. I thought this was an American holiday
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  20. Happy School / Work Tomorrow day!