Happy I-Day! Shooting Stars and Fireworks Too!

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  1. Happy 4th of July!!!!

    As Krysyy was flying over the Empire on the night of June 30, she looked up to see a marvelous sight. Two stars were dancing in the night sky, getting closer and closer together with every passing minute. She watched as the stars finally collided, forming the brightest star in the Empire night sky. Just at that moment, part of the super-star flew off and down toward the Empire wilderness, resulting in a colorful explosion. Curious at the spectacle before her, Krysyy followed the trail of light to the bottom of a crater where she found a glowing meteorite. As she reached to pick up the amazing rock, she noticed that it seemed to emit harmless miniature stars shooting off with every touch, creating quite the light show with a simple toss in her hand.

    Naturally she flew the meteorite directly to Aikar for further analysis. The two of them researched and experimented with the rock for a few days, finding that it had mystical properties that far surpassed any other meteorite that both Krysyy and Aikar had never seen. It seemed to know when it touched the earth vs a living object and acted slightly different with each impact. One day Krysyy showed up to run a few more tests, but she forgot her inventory of items she usually brought with her. While running the usual tests, she freaked out. The stars had stopped appearing from the meteorite. Their little piece of magic was nothing more than a lifeless piece of rock. When Aikar arrived and ran the tests, the stars returned. However, when Krysyy tried again, the stars were nowhere to be seen.

    All day passed with Aikar and Krysyy pacing back and forth in the testing lab, mystified by the sudden change in behavior of the celestial object before them. Toward the end of the day, they decided to postpone the research on the rock, and focus on the promotional item for July 4th on the following day. Krysyy tossed the inert meteorite in her hand, still obviously stuck on the unsolved problem in her mind. As Aikar put the newest edition of the Independence Day firework into Krysyy’s inventory, the meteorite emitted brilliant series of Red, White, and Blue. Krysyy almost dropped the rock in surprise at this new development. The meteorite was connected somehow with the fireworks they held!

    Krysyy and Aikar knew they couldn’t keep this amazing piece of magic in a testing lab and away from the Empire, but they needed somehow for it to be useful. Aikar thought of an amazing idea. If they strapped a small piece of the meteorite to a bow and shot it, they could make a shooting star for the players to control. Who wouldn’t want to have their own shooting star with just the pull of a string? Excited for the community to have shooting star fireworks for the 4th of July, they worked through the night and the result is amazing.

    Introducing the Meteor Bow!
    It only works when you have a firework in your inventory and will default to the first one if you have multiple.
    When you hit an object with the arrow, it will explode with stars on impact.
    If you miss, it shoots the stars into the air above the location before exploding.

    Type /promo iday to get your very own Meteor Bow AND the newest edition of either the Independence Day Firework or the Empire Firework by claiming one of the auto-opening chests.

    Extras are available for 10,000r each in the Empire Shop.
    These will be available until the 15th or so at a minimum to guarantee everyone has a chance to grab one. Please DO NOT scam new players out of their promos. These are meant for FUN, not for hoarding!
  2. Oh and yes, these are disabled in PvP.

    And they respect res permissions.
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  3. Awesome!!! I already got the Promos, thanks krysyy! Da-DaDaDaDaDaDaDa!
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  4. Thats pretty cool :) Thanks Krysyy
  5. Bow firework. Firework.
  6. Aww darn, Well I guess I'll just sell it.
  7. Promos! Thanks EMC :):)

    So we can't claim an unopened chest?
  8. It's the fourth! Blow stuff up and be safe.
  9. A bow that shoots fireworks, gosh this is so awesome!

    Hope all you 'Muricans have a fab 4th of July ^_^
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  10. Thanks guys your the best :)
  11. All praise Prof. Aikat and Dr. krysyy.
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  12. i'm pretty excited about the bow... shooting fireworks at things!? epic.
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  13. Woooo 'Murica!
  14. Just a question: How long will the promo be up?
    Also, firework launchers are going to completely wreck my res (mainly because of me :p)! One of the most unique promos yet :)
    Thanks krysyy and Aikar!
  15. Written at bottom of the post.
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  16. After the second restart my inventory has a melon pattern....
    Also thanks for the firework bow/fireworks!!!
    I am obsessed with fireworks so YAY!!!!
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