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  1. i created this thread to talk about your day and my day (mostley the happy parts) what is happy about my day is that im going to the school dance with a girl we dident have to do that much work and and i got my favourite cake.
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  2. Nice idea.
  3. My day has been awful, like always.

    Love hurts.
  4. My day doesn't have many good things happen in it except when I hit a perfect shot in baseball today and hit this guy (a bully) in the gut :D
  5. Considering that I have to memorize all 44 US presidents, along with their political parties... Uh.. No. Badd last 2 weeks.
  6. MY DAY, was awesome.
    I just got my new electives, and my computer teach is awesome.

    Awesome, I mean, well, awesome.
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  7. i actually got my pumpkin to look like the alien from toy story 1 :D
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  8. Awesome........The claaww.....
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  9. exactly what i was thinking....
  10. :oops:
  11. My day was boring. I got the day off from school (Heh heh, my brother still had school). I slept till 8, fell back asleep, woke up fully at noon, ate brunch, played Minecraft, and watched the History Channel. Not much happened.
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  12. lol i just woke up 15 minuts ago :D
  13. Yesterday was a day like others.
    School. Homeword. Bit EMC & Twitter. Homework. Dinner. Gaming. Homework. Sleep. And it starts all over again.
  14. I just poured my soul out today, telling my crush that i love him ... only to find out that he is straight .... so other then the fact that my heart collapsed today, my dad yelled at me, my moms in the hospital with my grandma again, and there is already a few inches of snow outside ... my day went pretty descent - just finished watching me some ghost rider :)
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  16. I had math. Yes I do enjoy math. And I got an A for an assignment.
  17. cheer up :) its happens to us all. just know that even tho we dont know each other well yet, i send you a hug. love is a fickle beast, all in due time, you'll find the right guy for you :). my prayers are with you and ur grandma. as for that snow, i'm a warm weather person myself, so cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket with a nice cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. that always makes me feel good inside :)

    awesome, my son is doing well in school too. so far mostly A's and i think 1 B.

    i had a pretty good day today. my depression is low today which is always a good thing. my son volunteered to helped out at his school's Haunted House fundraiser, greeting all the little kiddies. very proud of him :) (yeah i'm a bragging mom lol) and my hubby even bought us pizza hut for dinner(yay no cooking today for me). today was a good day!
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  18. HatFilms! :)
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