Happy birthday to me! :)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SliceOfRhyBread, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Happy birthday!
    I tried to time it just right :)
  3. Happy Birthday Quert!
  4. Happy birthday, Qwerty. Have a pineapple.
  5. Happy birthday Qwerty! :D
    Only 364 days 22 hours 13 minutes 3 seconds till your next birthday! :p (from time of posting)
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  6. You were 1 minute off :p
    Ty :D
    Thank you, have a potato :)

    Such excite :D
  7. Happy B-Day qwerty, how old are ya now?
  8. Happy Birthday! My birthday's two weeks from Friday (May 1st).
  9. One year older than yesterday :p
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  10. !yaDhtriB yppaH
  11. True dat
  12. Happy Birthday, Qwerty!
  13. Happy b-day, Qwert! I gotta get the birthday room ready for a late party! :eek:
  14. Happy Birthday Qwerty189
  15. 364 days 12 hours 48 minutes
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  17. Happy birthday beacon master! :D