Happy 2022 EMC!

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  1. Happy 2022 EMC!

    Leave 2021 in the dust and celebrate the new year with a new firework in your collection.
    Here's to everything 2022 has in store for you all and for EMC!

    Grab your firework with /promo 2022 or buy at /shopworld for 20,220 rupees.

    If you missed Chickeneer's midnight party, don't fret. We'll have a few more events to kick off the new year soon!

  2. happy new year
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  3. happy 2022! here's to hopefully a better year than the last two!
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  4. Woohoo! Happy 2022, everyone! Here's to another great year on EMC. :D
  5. Happy New Year :3
    All the loud laughing, screaming voices around the pool woke me up 🙄 The fireworks in the distance aren't too bad.
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  6. Happy new year 2022 emc peeps ;)
    I like it ALOT. :)
    So, i hope everyone for those who read this have luck, better chance, and health for family to relatives, friends.... Also meet new friends, expand bigger, better community!
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  7. Happy New Year everyone ;)
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  8. Happy New Years !!
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  9. May your hindsight be better than 2020 and your future better than 2021 - live in the present of 2022. Have a blessed New Year EMC! The Sus :cool:
  10. Happy New Year!!

    Chicken's ore event was a ton of fun but a tad late for me. I was falling asleep at the kbd at 12:30. 🙂
  11. Would have been nice if the ball drop had been announced earlier. I gave up at 10pm.
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  12. Thanks for the fireworks! :D
  13. Happy New Years!
  14. this firework is nice! Big thanks to emc!
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  15. Happy New Year, everyone! :D
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  16. Happy New Year EMCers everywhere!!! :cool:
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  17. Happy New Year EMC, too bad I missed out. Snoozin' by 10pm.