Happy 12/12/12! Spend the day wisely couse it comes once a century!

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  1. Hey guys, today is 12/12/12! Just wanted to say something about that! Next time that happens is 2112, unless you believe the world is ending (no its not XD), then it happens never again! That is all I have to say...
  2. Yay It's 12/12/12! and Yes I missed 12/12/12 12:12:12 :(
  3. But what about in HAWAII time!
  4. Also! According to some internet idiots, at 12:12:12PM/AM something bad is meant to happen to you? If something did please post! :D
  5. *changes computer clock to 12:12:12*
    And you havn't missed it. It comes twice in 1 day at 12:12:12AM
  6. In 12/21/12 the world ends
  7. That is very debatable...
  8. For UK its
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  9. Yeah?
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  10. And in Australia...
    Also, your point?
    Oh, and the world will end. Korea launched a nuke into space and according to my teachers it's heading for the moon. But they're dumb... All teachers are :p And also, there was a strange earthquake in Cornwall at 11 PM GMT... That scares me because I live in Liverpool, which really isn't that far away.
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  11. For argentina Also but I said it like that because here they are all americans
  12. And I live in England! Am I far away?!
  13. If the Mayans were so smart, how did they not predict their own demise? Plus there were no day-lights saving time back then ... so if you take away the extra day, every 4 years on (leap year) ... We should have already been dead by now ... Mass hysteria always irks me - because most of the human minds are easily fooled ... There is also literally nothing that can happen to wipe out the 'entire' world at same time:
    • Earthquakes: (that is caused by plate tectonics shifting apart) but where do those plates go? they shift in opposite direction ... well the earth is infinitely round so it's not as if the land can physically fall off the planet.
    • Flooding: (We have mountains) and for the ice in northern Antarctica to be melting - that would mean it's freezing in the south antarctic region - so we can technically never be fully flooded.
    • Meteors: (We have the atmosphere and geographical barriers) when meteors enter the atmosphere they will start to disintegrate, burning up and getting smaller before it reaches earth to do significant damage; also we have mountains and underwater regions where the meteors can't easily reach.
    • blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes: Imagine the entire atmosphere is a bunch of bubbles pushed next to each other, and when one moves or expands it pushes the others ... that is how cold and warm fronts work ... there can never be a storm everywhere's at once because the other fronts are being pushed by the storm and vice- versa - thus meaning the storms have a limit in size.
    • I'm no religious expert - but if you believe this is also one of the apocalyptic happenings ... is when (God) come's back to earth; I wouldn't expect him to kill everyone ... I think his followers go with him and everyone stays on earth (earth therefor becoming hell - with all of the so called apocalyptic happenings)
    If you believe in any of those - I just showed you (and no ... i'm not a scientist) how any of those things could possibly cause an (apocalypse) to happen.
    For the rest of you - enjoy your 12/12/12 ... it only happens every 100 years :D
  14. Might want to move that too:
  15. Are u a geologist?
  16. Um, the 12th of December 2012 is the only date that will ever be 12th of December 2012, unless in the future a new era begins after BCE and CE.
  17. i was at school, and they pranked us. they shutdown ALL electricity to the building for about 60 seconds xD everyone was freaking out, and im like " CALM DOWN PEOPLEZ !! "
  18. I forgot about the date and now it is too late. I feel sad.:(
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  19. Set your computer time back and take a picture. =P
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  20. Great idear!
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