HamZ Mob Arena - NOW

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  1. HAMZ
    Because seriously, why not?

    There will be 1 round now. Literally. Now.

    Ever wanted to fight a ton of zombies that a certain evil hamster has lovingly spawned for you? Ever wanted to do that barehanded, and naked? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! :D

    Come to the HamZ mob arena tonight for down to evil death with no items by zombies. No items are allowed in the arena. Literally. None. You will only be fighting zombies... just... lots :D
  2. I'll try to make it. :)
  3. This sounds EPIC! Naked fights are the best fights!
    Hope I can make it!
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  4. I shall hopefully be there! Hope you have the most fun killing us all =)
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  5. too late for me :(
  6. I may make an effort to make it. Iron supporter is at stake, so I guess I gotta be therez.
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  7. Walking Dead skills will be needed for this event :D.
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  8. We'll be starting in 10 minutes. Make sure you get there in time!

  9. Because why not?
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  10. If i wasnt in school id come! Good luck everyoneZ! ;)
  11. Same problem with me :(
  12. It is starting now, no winners yet. :p
  13. oh lol, i am still kinda at school, so no HamZ for me :(
  14. Hamtaro vs. zombies
  15. Why do I always have to miss MA?

  16. What if someone who already has a supporter? :rolleyes:
    Will we get a voucher?
  17. kevdudeman, a diamond member, won the voucher :rolleyes: