Halp with mah sig

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  1. I cant get it right!
    I got my sig all working but for some reason the buttons at the bottom dissapear! D:
    Heres what it should look like:
    I know about the spaces but seems unfixable and was a hassle to get it to look as good as this.
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  2. you might have to check the size of your signature

    Your personal signature can be modified to display certain text and images below all your posts. The width of the box is 794x154 pixels, however single images will automatically be shrunk to fit.

    To prevent other people's signatures from appearing for you, untick the box on your Preferences page.
  3. It looks like the button and the actual picture are separated. Since the image is quite large, it gets rid of the buttons, keeping just the image.

    If somehow you combine the picture and the buttons then the problem should be solved.
  4. I cant combine the pictures together because i cant exactly move them. Thats as close as they can get. I shrank the origional from 1813x??? to 813x??? but after 1013x??? it didnt really change all that much.
  5. I resized the picture and split it up but its like it grew!!
  6. I made this:
    theres a WHOLE LOTTA SPACE. wont go on the same line!!
  7. Your're nearly there just resize the height to fit in 154px on both images and the system will display both pictures
  8. Lookie at this:
    I can only do it on this text editor because the sig one is too small

    Im mad
    On the text editor, I can backspace the space, and they combine PERFECTLY.
  9. Looks really ugly squished like that. and why wont this DANG THING WORK!!!
  10. Here i resized the images for you. Just right click and save the images where you need them
    bkgndsplitP_zpsuvnwaoe3.png bkgndsplitPM_zpsbggjsmbl.png
  11. Yoos! Thanks u!
  12. request thread deletion/lock/waddever it is