Halp - My Wild Base Disappeared?!

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  1. I am insanely confused right now. I was gathering some materials, doing my thing, when I noticed that a long hallway filled with chests suddenly... ended where it shouldn't have. I built it to be ten chests long, but for some reason, it suddenly only went to seven! I had another hallway right beneath it, ten long as well, and it too was only seven chests long. It was as if the game thought nobody had built from there out - it was just smooth stone.

    Well, I tried logging out and back in, and it got waaaaay worse. I (and the base) was underground, and I spawned me above ground when I logged back in. Now it's as if I had never been here! Everything - and I mean everything - is just untouched where I had built. And this seems almost... instant. My whole base is gone, as if I'd never been here. The portal I used to get here is gone. The house I started building is gone. My garden is gone. And I don't think it's griefed - it was way too fast, and I was here! Not to mention the landscape went back to how it was, and covered with snow even though it hasn't snowed.

    I'm so confused. What in the world is happening?! The only thing I can think of at all is that I'm pretty far out from base, but why would this happen? It's not the end of the world, but if this is going to be a reoccurring thing, I don't know if I'll continue playing past another random wipe. Halp?
  2. Also, I'm on Utopia.
  3. Sorry

    Same thing happened to me just now. Kinda nice to know I wasn't going crazy.
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  4. Completely ditto. I'm just like... Is this really happening?
  5. I have no idea what happened to you two -- that sounds terrible :eek: I'm totally scared to log into Utopia now!
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  6. Ok, and it keeps on doing it. I just dug a small tunnel into the side of a hill/mountain. Logged out, logged back in. Spawned on top of the hill/mountain, went to check, the tunnel's gone again.

    Is this real life?! Lol. All this work... I really hope it just decides to come back as quickly as it left.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, I guess I'd just stay away for now if I were you, but I dunno! So weird.
  8. Must be Super laggy maybe
  9. Cant be super laggy, cause I am sure cnquast had built his base earlier than now. Message Justin about this and see what he thinks it is. Thats the only way to fix it.
  10. Yeah, this is more than just simple lag. I think I will give him a message.
  11. Is town still there?
  12. utopia.jpg

    Town is gone, too.
  13. I have absolutely no idea what is happening here. How old was the structure/hallways you were in at the time?
  14. Yay -- Justin is on the case!
  15. Update on utopia town:
  16. It's like the NeverEnding Story is happening on Utopia :(
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  17. I'm not sure - maybe a day or two old? Not too old for sure, but I didn't just build them or anything.

    And thanks all for the conern! :)
  18. *Puts on his tin hat and gets in his foxhole for the armageddon*
  19. Lol :p seems the wild is appearing in town!
  20. It would seem there's a rift in the block-mine continuum