Halloween Story Time with Autumnrain26!

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  1. Halloween Story: Tale of Resik's Tomb

    Continuing the celebration of the Halloween weekend, make sure to check out the latest blog entry from contribution team member autumnrain26!


    Halloween Haunted House contest submission deadline is TONIGHT at 11:59 pm (right before midnight). See more at: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-build-a-haunted-house.43727/

    The Voting Contest is also ending so make sure to vote!!!
    See more at: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-voting-streaks.43295/

    Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!
  2. FIRST
    Edit: First time i have ever been first :D
    Now to take a closer look lol
    Edit dos: Cool story
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  3. SECOND (you stole my first)
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  4. 3rd (yall stole my 2nd and 1st ....)
  5. Fourth! For once!

    EDIT: What happens next?
  6. Muaha, can't wait to see the contest entrees
  7. You tried so hard =P
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  8. Awesome story! Wait, is that sound I hear when I wear the new promo mask actually the voice of Resik calling out? :eek:
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  9. I thought that was 6th place...
  10. you poor man you were 6th im afraid...
  11. Look to the right -->>. You will see #7. Notice I said post, not reply :p
  12. Haha! I got 14th Place I beat you Chickeneer!!!
  13. I.. I feel like we're, I don't know, slightly getting off-topic? No? Just me?
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  14. I honestly think it is just you...
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  15. Yeah, its just you.
  16. firsting and seconding on a thread by krysyy..... i feel that is inappropriate even tho i did it
  17. Very spooky story. Momentus and Marlix make a good team! =P
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  18. Awesome job with that story autumn! Keep up the awesome work :)
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