Halloween Release: Fear the Reaper!

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  1. Lol, fair enough. I should try using it as a weapon, I'm quite curious how it'll turn out. (Usually I refrain from using anything other than a sword or axe as a weapon.)
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  2. Who-hoo! Love new promos. Thanks everyone and happy haloween
  3. They say we have been waiting for, promoween, err, Halloween!
  5. What do you mean by reaper-cussions?
  6. I did a little research and damage/second (DPS) even with +3 it will still not match a diamond sword or axe but it is now better than a shovel and equivalent to a diamond pick. And of course you can't modify it to put sharpness or sweeping edge on it. More of a conversation piece than terribly functional as a weapon it appears.
  7. I just wanted to fit in that pun somewhere ;)

    In before Mojang makes it completely OP by changing a mechanic. It happened with the Ham Hacker so we have to be careful creating items that appear normal level but could turn massively OP with a small change in the game's infrastructure. Mojang hasn't really messed with tools all that much YET so I'm sure it's coming...

    Also, it IS intended to be mostly a collector's thing. Can do damage, but not really meant for a combat staple in your armory.

    P.S. Don't forget we've got the entire holiday season around the corner.
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  8. I wouldnt call 1.9 a small change in the game's infrastructure :p
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  9. You know i usually don't comment on these things but this year i feel compelled to respond just because the name of this promo gets the song Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult stuck in my head everytime i think about it xD
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  10. More Cowbell!
  11. #blamemydad
    He helped with the brainstorming this round, though it was also suggested by players in years past.
  12. 10000 likes ;)

    "Come on baby, don't fear the reaper
    Baby take my hand, don't fear the reaper"
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  13. two bagels
  14. I live for the puns in this thread <3
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  15. Oh, but these puns are to die for :p
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  16. Next to the Vixen reindeer this has to by my other fave promo on EMC, scythes are my fave weapon, wish there was an actual scythe weapon in MC. (I find it interesting that something that was made for farming someone reimagined it into a weapon.)
  17. Then who grows ghost peppers and Carolina reapers?
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  18. Amazing people who love tasty food
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  19. Immediately thought of the Overwatch Reaper. I'll still feast 0n your soul like a wholesome snack with the promo in hand
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