Halloween Release: Fear the Reaper!

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  1. Fear the Reaper!!!!
    By popular demand, we present to you The Reaper! This Iron hoe is modified to have a higher damage when used as a weapon, though it's naturally faster and slices through the air (and body parts) faster than a normal weapon would.

    Enchanted with Mending, this unique item will repair itself as you gain xp.
    It's also soulbound and final and has a fancy year on it too!

    Just don't let Death catch you with his weapon, or you may face the reaper-cussions yourself! ;)

    Grab yours during the next week with /promo reaper18 and have a Happy Halloween!
    *Note: It will NOT be sold in the Empire shop*
  2. Awesome thanks for this Krysyy :)

    Time to reap the souls of my enemies (Marlix XD)
  3. I'll just go reap the rewards ;)
  4. Seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain!
  5. Great! Now martians can reap the ded

  6. Oh wow!! Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe out there :)
  7. Sweet new promo! Love it :D
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  8. Awesome, let the reaping begin...
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  9. I see we are reaping in the puns today :p
  10. Awesome! I guess you can say, I can farm more potatoes with this :D (no pun, I can legit farm more potatoes with this :p)
  11. Random EMCer: hey, what do ya want to eat?


    me: a bagel
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  12. I can let out a scythe of relief now the promo has been released as players were constantly asking me about it.
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  13. I love the fact that it has mending on it. :)

    Are there any harvesting bonuses with it, or is it just for the instance where we use it for combat?
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  14. rip vine
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  15. Last time I checked, Death wasn't out harvesting crops. :p
    (combat only)

  16. I want the chill reaper.
  17. Just logged in for the first time in weeks today. Excited for the weekend so I can log in and check everything out.
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  18. Holiday season is off to a roaring start on EMC. You chose a great time to log back in =)
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  19. Glad to hear that. I can't wait to see what comes next.