Halloween Promo 2013

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JeffResc, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Please post below of what you think the halloween promo should be for 2013. Be sure to include...
    -/promo name
    -What the item is good and/or used for
  2. I guess a pumpkin with a special name. That is all I could think of.
  3. /promo (Pumpkin Helmet of Protection II)
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  4. I say a sale on bat spawn eggs at /shop
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  5. Totally forgot about bats. I would like to see passive witches and stuff like that too. There might just be mob disguise this year though.
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  7. How about a pigman that doesn't attack you and follows you around and attacks other mobs that attack you. It could be named something special. Or it could give you a spawn egg so you can name it yourself.
    /promo pigman or /promo halloween
  8. I have something perfect for this! They would be obtained with /promo Halloween. I made them myself. (Sorry, I wasn't creative with color).
    EMC Halloween Items.png
  9. Who says we need a promo? What's wrong with just going out and doing stuff with people I'm real life? If you insist on playing minecraft instead, have a hapoy Halloween with your sign in bonus

    Not saying I wouldn't like a promo, but maybe one that isn't just handed to you, but you have to buy similar to the 2012 New Years firework
  10. You watched this a few times, didn't you? :p

  11. I've seen it. But I was referring to the Horseless Headless Horsemann from Team Fortress 2.
  12. I'm liking this
  13. Could be a looting 5 sword and some other enchants to make it like sweets but mob drops...
  14. If we do something like this, maybe we could do something along the lines of: only on Halloween a very special custom mob spawns rarely (instead of enrageds?) and it has special Halloween drops
  15. Yeah that'd be cool or you could get as pawned block that doesn't do anything but spin and has a name :p