Halloween Party!

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  1. Hello Empire.
    I'm hosting my first Halloween party this year.

    When? October 31st 5pm (emc time)
    Where? 10019 smp5
    What? A Halloween party with lots of fun games.

    What games will there be Chespin?
    *Player race
    *Horse race
    *Pig race
    *Skin Comp
    (And possibly Capture the Flag)

    There will be rares and promos given out such as
    -Depth Strider III
    -2015 Birthday Cake
    -Cupid egg
    -Meteor Bow
    -Iday Firework (2015)
    -x2 stacks of Cupid arrows
    -A Cupid Bow
    And more

    This won't be your average parkour. Only the best will win, the course will be made of pumpkins

    Horse race-
    A track made of pumpkins, all those horse riders out there saddle up.

    Player race-
    On the same track as the horses only the fastest players will win, no potions allowed.

    Pig race-
    Really? A pig race Chespin?
    That's right some people have skills when it comes to racing on a pig

    You will have to find the correct path to the goal line, the maze will of course be made of Jack o lanterns and pumpkins

    Some good old fashioned trivia for those who prefer not to race

    Prize donations are welcomed.

    Also in need of lots of pumpkins :)

    Thanks for your time emc
    Hope to see you there :)

  2. What are those?
  3. Ah my auto correct
    It was Bow
  4. Almost forgot...

    Reserved post

    Please RSVP to have a package ready for you at the event
    Package includes
    *carrot on stick
    *A renamed pumpkin from me

    All of the things in this package are 100% FREE
    Although the package is only for those who RSVP and show up
  5. There is SO many events for last-years players, its starting to get hard to keep track. ;) Since your event is early for me, I think I can make it. :D
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  6. Sounds fun. I'll try to make it. :)
  7. Bump there is still 10days left RSVP and get a package with goodies.
  8. :p ill try to be there
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