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  1. So this account, sgx2000, was hacked today. Someone found a way to change my Mojang password, change the security questions, and change the username within Mojang. I imagine they must've had access to my email as well because otherwise I don't know how you could achieve these things.

    I've changed all my passwords, reset the security questions, but obviously can't change the username back again.

    The username was changed to "_DJ_DekA_"

    I'm posting this to ask if anyone has any idea who this person is, if the name looks familiar or not.


    EDIT: looks like the forum updated my name to this other name but I'm going to figure out how to get this changed back to "sgx2000" which I've been since day 1.
  2. It's possible that the location as well as any new information about the account can be tracked, and you can find the information about this guy.
  3. While I don't know who hacked your account, try contacting Mojang support, explain the situation and ask for your old name back. They'll be able to see IP logs and know you didn't do it.

    Also, it's possible that your password may exist on a password site. There have been many big sites that have been hacked and had loads of user details posted online.
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  4. Fun times... fun times... I've reset my email password now three times this year already and I'm using LastPass so using crazy passwords.

    Going to go ahead and update ALL of my mojang accounts now just to ensure none of the others get hacked.

    Right now I can't log in to EMC with this account because it says it's updating my name :(

    This is just the kind of hassle I want to deal with right now lol :(
  5. I had someone break into my Steam account during New Years eve lol. Real fun times.
  6. Yeah good news is that whoever did this never logged into EMC though because EMC didn't know about the name change yet so that's good. I wonder if there is some way to figure out which servers they did access.
  7. I could help with that
  8. Let me know if you find anything.

    I googled this name and there is a "DJ Deka" but I didn't see anything related to minecraft.
  9. Which place do u live In
  10. I live in Austin, TX USA but the location could show in Houston or possibly CA depending on whether or not I was on my work VPN.
  11. Glad to hear you were able to regain control over your account. That's what matters at the end of the day.

    As for your concern, as previously discussed privately with you, it would be better to reach out to Mojang for assistance. There is very little EMC will be able to do to assist in this matter as we do not have the log information Mojang has regarding general account use and access. As a result, discussion regarding who may be behind it would be based on pure speculation and could likely lead to drama in the event the person or persons responsible discover this thread. Between these two factors, an open forum would not be an appropriate place to discuss the matter.

    Based on this and the fact you have control of the account again, I will be closing this thread. Again, I'm glad you were able to regain control of your account.

    Should you (or anyone reading this) ever have concerns regarding your EMC account being compromised, please notify a staff member ASAP as we can implement measures to secure your account on server while you attempt to regain control of the account.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.