[Hacked] Possibly got hacked?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MissKells, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. Ok Yes I know I should be getting a moderator or someone for this but I don't know who to message about this problem?

    So Yesterday I was working all day, and didn't get online at all yesterday. But i have some friends telling me on SMP1 that i was online yesterday but i had the same skin but my diamond was missing. Wasn't online > same skin > missing blue diamond > same name. So i don't know if i was hacked or what's going on. D:
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  2. Would it be possible someone at your house could have used your computer? From what I've seen that is way more likely than your account being hacked. The odds of them hacking your account and ending up on EMC is pretty low.
  3. Nope my computer is always locked and no one touches it. So ya
  4. So I checked and you were online 43 minutes ago, 13 hours ago and then over 24 hours ago before that but it was all from the same IP you're usually using. There's a good chance your friends are trolling you or there was just someone with a similar name on
  5. Thank you so much Alex :) Bunch of SMP1 trolls xP but it's always good to double check. Can you close this post please?
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