Ha! I laugh at those who denied my logic!

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  1. I remember a point, way before 1.10 was worried about, where I threw the idea of Bone Blocks out there here at the forums. I was met with mixed indifference and a lil support.

    Mwaha-hah-haha-ha! Someone out there had the same idea and it is now a thing! Now we just need the zombie flesh blocks and bone fences, doors, etc. >^<

    Just wanted to point this out. ;)
  2. pics or it didn't happen
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  3. Wait, have you not seen them yet? Or do you mean pictures of him suggesting it and how it was received?
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  4. When I get home, I shall find my thread! XD
  5. I like your thinking Blonde, but even so: StoneSky (I'm using his old name, IMO that's his real one) had a point in that other thread: I doubt Mojang keeps track of EMC server suggestions (unless you know things we don't :eek:).

    But I concur: it happened :) I'm actually looking forward to the bone block. The nether wart block is kind of useless IMO (all stained clay blocks are reddish by default, so we already got plenty of red stuff, and you can't get warts back) but the others... oh, I can't wait for red nether bricks and magma blocks :D
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  6. Lol I'll take a link any day. ^_^

    I may have my sources Mr. Grip...erm....ShelL. ;)
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