Guuurl troubleyness.

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  1. Let me just give you a list of things that happened today.

    • It was Sports Day at school!
    • My friend stole a fiver off me!
    • Friend says he'll give it back, but only if I tell him who I like.
    • After saying about 12 names that come to my head, I finally tell him who I like.
    • He still doesn't give me the fiver.
    • He tells my other friend.
    • Other friend tries to tell girl I like's friend.
    • Friend gives me the fiver back because he felt bad.
    • Other friend tells other friend who tells my other friends.
    • Girl I like's friend is told I like the girl I like by the friend who tried to do it.
    • I get an 'awww that's so cute'.
    • Friend who told girl I like's friend shouts girl I like and says you have an admirer, while pointing at me.
    • I get an 'awwww' of the girl I like while i'm facepalming in shame!
    • A couple dozen awkward situations and 2 hours later, i'm at my current predicament.
    I don't know what to do. I like...really don't know what to do... I have no doubt in my mind she'll be asking a bunch of questions tomorrow in lesson and I have no doubt in my mind people who are in my class know.
    This is going to be so awkward.
    I dunno how I can befriend her to make her like me (I know how to do it without being friendzoned :p) now that she knows since things are just...well...awkward. For once in my life, I have no idea what to do. The problem is i'm not exactly popular and i'm under the placebo effect i've given myself to have 'social anxiety' (I never meant too, by the way :p)- which i'm trying to get rid of so I can talk...but...well... She has none of this. She's confident, and she's popular. I don'
    I've confused myself.
    I just genuinely don't know what to do and need help :(
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  2. Well any advice I give you should be taken with a grain of salt, as I've never had any trouble similar to this, but here I go.

    I'd say go for it. Is there a chance you could be rejected? Yes. But is there also a chance that it could work out well and you could have a wonderful thing with this girl? Yes. Life is full of challenges and risks, but anything worth gaining will mean there's a chance something will be lost, however I say happiness is always worth a shot. Do anything you need to do to win this girl over.

    Again, my word probably carries very little weight, as I have absolutely NO experience in this, but that's what I think you should do.
  3. As a relationship master I will give you some ideas:

    1) The Dazzler- This is where you carry a pocketful of glitter with you everywhere around school, and I mean everywhere, carry it in the bathroom, at lunch, anywhere you go you will need the glitter. Then whenever you see this girl just throw a handful of glitter in her direction, this will show her that you are spontaneous and exciting, and she will love you for sure.

    2) The Standing Back Flip- This one comes from an old Nickelodeon show called "True Jackson: VP" A character on the show named Ryan spends all summer learning how to do a standing back flip to impress a girl he likes. I can't exactly remember how the episode ends but I assume it works to perfection. Give it a shot!

    3) Mr. Mysterious- Whenever you see the girl, make a lame attempt at hiding. By this I mean lets say you see her walking towards you, you immediately jump in a nearby bush but you leave your head poking out. This one gives the opposite effect of The Dazzler in that she will think you are both confusing and attractive in a dark and mysterious kind of way.

    4) The Swim Team Swag- This one has worked for me approximately ten thousand times, as a swimmer I frequently don't have a shirt on and my confidence is pretty damn high. Just take your shirt off and do some lunges in front of her, this will show her you have a rocking bod and you mean business.

    5) The obvious- In all seriousness these ideas are mostly terrible. You can either choose to pretend like it never happened and keep hoping for something that will never happen if you stand around quietly, or you can use this as a chance to get to know the person and hopefully have a relationship. Just start with "hi" be yourself and see how it goes. And if it doesn't work out just move on.
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  4. What's a fiver?
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  5. i am assuming a five dollar bill USD
  6. yep
  7. The currency where he lives. its like a 5$ bill in the US ( although the prices are different )
  8. Where we live, Soul and I at least, it would be five pounds, GBP (Great Britain/British Pounds).
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  9. I think we all have that one friend you described in your story
  10. i have multiple
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  11. I, uh, also forgot to mention she already has a boyfriend... >.>

    Slang for a £5 note ($9).

    I have no experience in this either :p I've liked four people, rejected by three of them. The fourth is the person I like now, I don't know what to make of it. :s
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  12. Wow, yeah, you should move on.
  13. That sucks dude. I have had that almost happen before and it is really annoying.
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  14. He he he
    Exact same thing happened to me, except i did it...

    Exact same thing happened to me xD
  15. How do you know she'll ask questions? For me she just ignored it a little bit :p
    I don't like it when they go saying "Aw, cute", it's so delittling. Just like you're not good enough for them.
    And yes, she had a boyfriend too :P
    In the end I just got great friends with the boyfriend and she got puberty and I wasn't in love with her any more :rolleyes:

    (I don't know if belittling is an actual word, I googled it)
    (I don't actually know how to get a girl to like you, but oh well)
    (I'm often even confused by my own feelings, so yeah)
    (That friend, he doesn't really seem like a friend from the way you told it)
  16. Good gosh... lol.
    You are going about it the completely wrong way. Less words, more action.
    And hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 99.99% 'chicks' don't like good guys.

    Good guy = friendzone
    Bad guy = In the endzone.

    Disagree? I would invite you to take a long hard look around you, at everyone you know and tell me im wrong.
    Of course if you disagree, I will then call you the 0.01% of the people I have ever met in my lifetime.

    Save face, just say ya I like her, she is a friend.
    BLAM then she starts thinking... why does he not like me 'like that' and she will start talking to you.

    HL54 has spoken.
  17. I've liked this girl for a year and 2 months... think i'm going to give up that easily? ;)
    I can't say that though - I barely talk to her. When I do, I mumble because its to get words out. Over the past few days, though, I think i've convinced my brain it doesn't matter anymore. I mean, like, what's the worst that could happen if I just talk?

    A lot of things, actually...


    We don't have 'chicks' in the UK ;) We have fitties and prins :p

    And what are you talking about, good buy? Psssshh. I'll have you know, I didn't do my homework the last time it was set.
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  18. I dont think it's that no girls like good guys, it's just that every guy will be nice to a girl if he wants to date her, if all you can say about yourself when someone asks what makes you attractive is "Well, i'm not a jerk to girls" then you need to start looking for something to make yourself more attractive to others.
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  19. Girls do actually like me because I'm a good guy. "Only as a friend though" >.<
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