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  1. Dear players,

    Today/Tonight I launch the Guild: BlackKnights
    I wish to announce that i'm creating a team of the best minecraft players, it doesn't matter how good you are we accept all good players that meet the qualifications.

    The purpose of the BlackKnights is simple. Its to get all the best of the empire minecraft into one, but do not be confused, you DO NOT need to be a real good player to join us.
    I will recruit players from beginners to the 'guru's' of minecraft, all that to create an awesome comunity that will get together in order to help each other and to thrive and group as a group of awesome people.

    Which types of people I want to recruit
    • New players (in both minecraft or multiplayer)
    • Helpful people
    • Hard Working People
    • Good Natured People
    • Honest People
    • Experienced Miners
    • Experienced Builders
    • Experienced Hunters
    • Experienced Designers
    • Experienced Redstoners
    • Experienced Minecrafters
    • BlackKnights VP (Possibly more than 1 )
    • BlackKnights Redstone Master(Head of Circuitry and Mechanics Department)-Jknrlz
    • BlackKnights General Manager
    • BlackKnights General Recruiter
    • BlackKnights Head Designer(Head of Furnishing and Designing)-Alyattayla
    • BlackKnights Building Master(Head of Construction)-cddm95ace
    • BlackKnights Head of Alchemy(Head of Potion Brewery)-Dajakoe
    • BlackKnights Head of Security(Head of Security)-Fdf2
    • BlackKnights Survival Specialist(Head of Surviving)
    • BlackKnights Mining Master( Head of Mining and Resources Department)
    • BlackKnights Hunting Master(Head of Food Gathering and Slaughtering of Animals)
    • BlackKnights General Coordinator (4 of them)
    Department of Designing
    Head Designer-Alyattayla
    VP of Designing-Cddm95ace
    Department of Redstone and Circuitry
    Head of Redstone and Circuitry-Jknrlz
    Senior Assistant-
    Junior Assistant-
    Redstoner in learning-

    Please Note
    Everyone will be able to join, from new players to admins!
    Rules and other's will be posted at the launch of the (Non Beta)BlackKnights
    Please be more than welcome to apply and join the BlackKnights

    When will recruitment start?
    Well recruitment starts from the moment you feel like joining! Im looking to find perhaps 21 people
    to join me and create the bases or the pillars for the foundation if you will.
    So please if you wish to join
    Phrase your comment in this fashion

    1. Put you In Game Name
    2.Put Your Residence Number e.g 4373
    4. How long have you owned Minecraft?(e.g 1 year or Beta 1.6.6)
    5. How Long Have You Played On Multiplayer
    6. What Are You good At In Minecraft e.g Building
    7. If u want a Official Job or want to state one fill in this part
    8.When did you join EMC?
    9. Have you ever been kicked or banned on EMC?(This is used to measure your honesty)
    10. If so, what for?
    11. Additional Information
  2. Trolls gonna troll.
  3. Im hoping to get no insults :) or putdowns but I guess this happens, there will always be those people who wish to crush your dreams. You know what they say, Haters gonna Hate
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  4. Copher?
  5. In brief in my point of view I think he united the Empire for once and really made a great group.
    Then he got drunk with power, I forgot but he wanted people to join his server(Advertised etc..), stole people from EMC and started a crisis in my opinion. His server sucked , they say. And then he quit.
  6. you used that skin too
  7. This seems awesome, and yes that skin did indeed trick me :p
    1. Look to your left...
    2. I won't have one in a few days, but 1338 SMP3
    4. Since beginning of Beta 1.8 (played cracked SP since 1.5)
    5. Since I started playing Minecraft :rolleyes:
    6. Hunting and Mining, there are others but none are needed for EMC.
    7. Hunter something
    8. 450 days ago, December 2011
    9. Kicked once
    10. Reporting IcC for flying at EMCCon 2013
    11. I like killing stuff :D
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  8. Alright your in! But may I ask why you havent been on EMC for 21 days?
    Judging by your signature I believe your other special skill is PvP.
    That may be needed if EMC ever creates a PvP server, its also part of MobArena
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  9. I haven't been on because building bores me, and I got heavily griefed about a month ago. I still love living in the wild though, and I guess that's what we'll be doing?
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  10. Yes we will and we will travel for long distances to ensure the survival and longlivity of the communities and towns.
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  11. Get it right. It's "Trolls gotta troll." :cool:
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  12. 1. The_Shadow_007
    2. 15227 (Smp7)
    4. Since Beta 1.8
    5. Since i started playing.
    6. I guess im an all rounder?
    7. Maybe a VP or a miner?
    8. 275 Days Ago
    9. Kicked a few times for Caps, Curse you MINI keyboard.
    10. Answer is ABOVE
    11. Im a one of the worst typers you will ever see. Im fast but about as accurate as me throwing darts.
    (Im rubbish at darts)
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  13. Accepted. When we have enough members for a council we will assign positions and jobs.
  14. 1. <----------Alyattayla
    2. 14446, 15097, 14483, 11154
    No three...? ok sure :p
    4. March last year
    5. June last year
    6. Designing and chopping trees....
    7. Experienced Designer :cool:
    8. 271 days from today
    9. I don't think I've been kicked/banned before
    10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    11.If there's going to be a wild base, and it's on either smp7, smp8 or smp5 I cannot join.
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  15. 1. That can be seen to the left.
    2. I hang around 4004.
    4. Since 1.8
    5. Since 1.8, I don't like singleplayer.
    6. Exploring, hunting.
    7. Hunting master.
    8. Some 480+ days ago on my alt.
    9. The system is a little jumpy.
    10. Command typing.
    11. I will not disclose my alt.
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  16. Accepted :D
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  17. Accepted :)
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  18. Guys quit giving him a hard time, yes he may use copherfield's skin but in all honesty it is an amazing skin... I think it is a great initiative to start a guild and I wish you the best of luck :D
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  19. 1. jknrlz
    2. Smp1 716
    4. 1 1/2 years today
    5. 1 1/4 years
    6. Not the best but good at building, Redstone is my hobby and can fix and create just about anything
    7. Doesn't really bother me. Happy just being part of the Guild, or anything really :D
    8.432 days ago
    9. I have been kicked
    10. offended someone (un intentional)
    Personal Qualites
    - Awesome, easy going, listener, creative, active member, loves playing with blocks friendly, efficient, and more! (can also speak some german)

    Seeya's soon and thanks for viewing my application :D
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  20. Accepted :)
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