[Guide] Welcome all new Players! (Event Guide) - Full guide coming soon.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to help out all new players! This guide is for people and to help them on EMC! Well, of course it has events and tells about special promos and stuff like that. But it also tells rules! So please make sure you read those if you don't wanna be banned from EMC. Anyways, here goes nothing! :)

    EMC Events:
    The "FireFloor" is an event mostly hosted by a staffed member named RainbowChin. This event is where you try to stay on blocks, and hopefully don't fall. When your block burns, that means you have a chance of falling. Although, if have some blocks next to you, I suggest you go to this blocks so you don't burn. At the end, there is a winner. But.. then they have to try to achieve the last block standing. Currently, only 13 people have done it. It is very rare for a person to do it. (smp4)

    Mob Arena:
    The Mob Arena is where a group of people get together and fight mobs. But, there are hard bosses. And when you die, you lose all of your stuff. (smp5)

    Creature Capture:
    Creature Capture is a game were you use a fishing rod and try to capture animals. (smp5)

    Friday Night Miners:
    Friday Night Miners is a game where a lot of people gather together and play. PvP is disabled, you can mine, build a house, and do anything you want! (Smp told when about to start).

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