[Guide] Surviving the Wastelands

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Are you excited for the wastelands?

Yes. 29 vote(s) 50.0%
I am already planning. 22 vote(s) 37.9%
No. 3 vote(s) 5.2%
There is a wastelands? 4 vote(s) 6.9%

    Want some preparation for the wastelands? Try wastelands experience! http://empireminecraft.com/threads/wastelands-experience-today.23736/

    Its getting to that time of they year. Wastelands. The 1# People will be trying to find is resources. Quartz Ore will be a main priority for the nether. It is time to get ready before it comes out! View my steps below.

    1. Get Prepared. It will not be easy to go in the Wastelands. It is time to get your armor on. Go to your favorite cheap shops on your Empire server. It is most important that you do NOT visit /shop . Find the best shops of your empire server and get food and armor (in many shops, food is inexpensive, making it easy for the Wastelands). After you have done so, get enchanted picks and tools that we help you survive.

    2. Lower Prices at Shops Once the Wastelands arrive, it is time to say bye to expensive prices at shops! If you are a shop owner like me, it is most important to use the wastelands. If you are a popular, rich shop owner, get some friends or employees to help you. :D

    3. Nether Preparation What was one of the important things of 1.5.1? Or yeah, Quartz. And there is plenty of them in the wastelands nether. So plan ahead; If you are a shopowner, getting a silk touch pick would help you in both nether and wilderness; Get the best armour and use the livemap in the nether. The nether may be a little harder then the wilderness; Lastly, get your friends out. Nether, quartz, mining is what you are going to need.

    4. Know the Wastelands We all know what the wastelands are gonna be about. It is gonna reset. This means do not build valuble buildings. You have no one but your self to blame if it resets and you didn't take away the building. You can make a little hut with a door and some furnaces and a mine, but nothing to big, or this will ruin your stuff in the buildings and blocks.

    Thank you for reading my amazing steps. Put something and the poll and in the comments write so more steps that I should add in. I love your feedback. :D
  2. Sounds good hopefully it will help some people. Also it would probably be for the best not to down talk the /shop you have your opinions but so do other people and they can use it if they want you shouldn't tell them what they should and shouldn't do. Just as a suggestion not meaning to be rude. Anyways good job with the guide!
  3. Does anyone know a date for the release for thee WasteLand. :confused:
  4. I don't believe that they have released a date yet :( But I bet it will be not too long from now
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  5. :eek: :( Alright, thank you very much.:D
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  6. tey bete b doing it son bekoz i am beong bord and wants 2 c the wasyelandz :p
    i hope that it is soon im collecting picks to go out and mine
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  7. There is a wastelands?
    My sarcasm was missed.... :sadface:
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  8. That wasteland is a world that will be reset every week. Its going to be fully new with 1.5 blocks and items.
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  16. Yes. I know everything that is going on in EMC, at least publicly and a few behind the scenes projects from when I was Staff in the past. There is much I do not know any longer, however... :cool:
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