[GUIDE] Quartz Mining

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  1. Over my time on EMC I have made a very large profit from mining Nether quartz. Today I look to share my strategy for mining quartz blocks efficiently, as easily. A double chest of quartz blocks sells for about 150k, so it is definitely a good block to collect.

    What you need:
    • 1 Fortune 3 diamond pickaxe (preferably with mending or unbreaking, and efficiency 4-5.)
    • 1 Good sword
    • 1 Infinity bow
    • 1 Set of armor
    • 1 Stack of food (preferably something that provides a lot of hunger, such as steak or pork.)
    • 1 Enderchest
    • 16 Enderpearls
    • 1 Fire resistance potion.
    • 10 Obsidian blocks
    • 1 Flint and Steel
    • 1 Arrow
    Note about weapons and armor:
    It's highly preferred that you use voting items here, as they are soulbound and will not take up room in the enderchest on your way back, leaving more room for quartz blocks. I don't use a voters pickaxe, as it mine quartz a lot slower than a normal enchanted pickaxe, but that is only preference.

    My strategy for mining begins with gathering the necessary resources listed below. Next, use the live map to find an area with unloaded chunks in the Wastelands Nether, and make your way out to that area in the Wastelands Overworld. Keep in mind that in the Wastelands 1 block in the Nether equals 1 block in the Overworld, unlike vanilla Minecraft. After you've made your way to the area, build a Nether portal, and go through it.
    After you're in the Nether, just wander around and collect any and all quartz you can find, and craft it into blocks as you go. Don't bother with destroying the portal, or collecting any items that aren't quartz.
    When your inventory in full, place down the enderchest, and put all the quartz, and non soulbound equipment in there. Once you have everything you want to take back with you in the enderchest, find some way to die (which is pretty easy in the Nether). You should respawn in town with all of your items in the enderchest.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • Change "Enraged Spawns" and "Miniboss Spawns" to off. This prevents getting assaulted by Nether Hounds.
    • Change Difficult to 1.
    • These first two settings can be found by using /ps, clicking on "Survival", and click on the options.
    • Use to enderpearls to get across lava lakes and off of high ledges. Enderpearls do not damage users on EMC.
    • Use the fire resistance potion in case you fall into lava.
    • Use netherack as scaffolding to reach quartz ore and to climb cliffs.
    • Always be aware of Ghasts.
    • Avoid bridging over lava lakes and high ledges. Ghasts are very rude and will use that against you.
    • Be careful when mining the quartz ore, as sometimes lava will spawn behind it and surprise you.
    • Be careful when around Nether fortresses. Blazes and Wither Skeletons can do a lot of damage really fast.
    This is what I use to collect all the Nether quartz that I sell. I hope I could help some of you make some easy money, and learn more about the Nether. If you have any questions please feel free to leave it here, and I will answer it as best as I can.
  2. Great guide :)
    I'll use it definitely!
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  3. I like your guide but I do have one comment: you placed this in the Frontier forum and the Frontier isn't meant for mining resources. SO whatever you do: please use this information in the wastelands and not the Frontier :p

    Other than that, thanks for sharing & writing this, it's very useful!
  4. Awesome guide, thanks! :D I'll definitely use this when I decide not to be lazy, lol
  5. I sold an sc of quartz peices for 22k using this method thx :p
  6. Another method that I've used is to take 6-8 fire pots, 3 stacks of ender pearls, and your normal mining gear. Walk randomly in one direction for a bit, and you'll find some deposits. I keep meandering wildly, following the ore, and when my inventory is nearly full, I beeline back to the waypoint. Because of the wild path out, the path to the waypoint will also yield more quartz. Inventory full of blocks in an hour, maybe.