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  1. I've had a lot of questions relating to gravatar, so I made a guide. :) Gravatar is the best option for uploading avatars. If you don't know how to use it, this guide will teach you. Start using it right away. This site allows you to upload any sized (square) avatar in the best definition. The emc one isn't the best, it only allows up to 200x200 pixels, something like that. So, without any more delay... GRAVATAR!

    1. Visit the Site
    Go to your browser and type gravatar.com
    Something like this should appear on the home page.

    Gravatar Homepage...

    Hit the sign in button. If you don't have an account, create one in that menu. Type your email and password. Then, the 1st step is done! :D

    2. Uploading The Avatar
    After Step 1, this menu will appear with your email and a bunch of avatars. Notice how I have so many ;) Woot. Don't touch any of the buttons; we need to focus only on one: [Add a New Image.]

    Email blocked for a reason, don't really want to share that here ;)

    Once you have clicked the button, hit Upload and choose your file. It can be in any image format: jpeg, png, etc. It also can be any size, but be warned: you will have to crop it, if it isn't square. To explain, square means the same dimensions. (100x100, 5000X5000, 4569x4569) Once everything looks fine, press [Crop and Finish!] Next, choose the rating for your avatar. I think everyone will hit G; if you don't.... D: The rating doesn't really matter, only if you share your avatar on the site. Click on the rating, in this instance, G, and then it will appear on the main menu, back where we started. :D

    3. Uploading to EMC
    Wait, didn't we just upload it? Nope. That was in gravatar, now time for the emc forums. Go back to the homepage and click your username in the top righthand corner. This side menu will appear and hit [Avatar]

    More Buttons! :D

    Finally, another menu will pop up. Normally, players have the top 2 'bubbles' selected as default. For a gravatar avatar, select the 3rd bubble.

    Don't worry if your avatar doesn't appear quickly, both sites take time to transfer info. I hope this helped. And start using gravatar now! :D
  2. why is the emc website green ?
  3. it isn't for you?
  4. It's the colored theme that you can choose. Just go click your username and to preferences. I think.
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  5. Ender said it, if you want to change the way the Empire site looks (it's orange by default) then simply visit your preferences (follow link) and use the "Style" menu at the top.

    And thanks for this guide. Gravatar is a very useful site and I hope more people will start using it thanks to your guide. It if very easy to have one main avatar which you can then use on every site you participate in :)
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  6. [ B U M P ]
  7. Oh! I didn't know about that, that's quite interesting!
    I prefer not using it though:
    I like my profile picture being lower quality. Of course I could upload it using a lower quality to Gravatar too, but then it's less useful.
    I like changing my profile pictures on appropriate sites manually each May 26th. It just makes it feel more festive then changing it once and having it change everywhere else too.
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