[Guide] How to lose stuff quickly

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How often do you loose stuff?

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I like ur house 12 vote(s) 57.1%
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  1. Hello everyone! Today I'll be learning you how to quickly lose about 50% of your materials on EMC with 5 easy steps!
    (Why? Well, I was cleaning up yesterday and found alot of stuff! Some things are just good memories, like books, maps, renamed items etc, but some very valuable stuff too!)
    1. Start alot of building projects
    When doing alot of building projects, you buy things in big quantitys and always keep some leftovers. Even tools and stuff can get lost in your chests spread all over the place! It is best to do this over as many residences as possible (or even the frontier!). I currently use 7 residences and a couple places in frontier.
    2. Increase vault pages when you have too much stuffon you.
    When you keep increasing vault pages to quickly store items that are important but dont need at the moment, you easily forget that you have alot of worthfull items in your vault! I have 9 vault pages. 8 of them is filled with stuff that I dont know of. I even found a DC slimeblocks here I bought a couple months ago from caden.
    3. Make storage rooms that are too small, so you have to make another one! (that, of course, is too small too)
    I ended up having alot of storage rooms, I even came by one yesterday that I totally forgot about.
    4. Join outposts
    When you join an outpost, you usually have some stuff going on there and some materials. However, when you need stuff that you have there, you need to be to lazy to pick them up again and so you keep losing stuff at that place. (It works great; I am part of two outposts (one with 2 sub-outposts where I have projects going on (for a year or so already :p), and I was even to lazy to go there for an example!
    5. Always buy things in large quantities because they are cheap even know you dont need them
    This way, you end up putting these items in a chest somewhere and forget about it.

    If you would really want to make this a huge succes, you could get an alt. This means another inventory, other vaults and another enderchest to loose stuff in :p

    So now what I actually wanted to show you :p

    As you can see, I am not that kind of a smooth and clean person already, welcome to my house.

    I use my 3rd res as sort of storage room atm. This is more because it is empty and a nice place to place chests for when you buy 50DC of cacti

    I found a chest with Depth Strider III and silk touch I books on my 3rd res I forgot about (because there are so many chests with random stuff in it I dont even bother looking at them)

    but even here you can find chests with very random stuff in it

    One of the countless places you can find junk in chests at my building projects

    I found this somewhere; I once tried to actually make a decent base

    But even here I ended up putting random stuff in other chests! (But I finally found my voters hoe back :D)

    Another thing you can see alot of: DC's with one specific item in it that I plan to auction but always end up being to lazy to post it on the forums; then forget about it xD

    Some of my vault pages

    Some examples of things I loved finding back. Means more to me than the voters hoe or DC slimeblocks :p (btw, that heart is a map-pixel art. Trust me. You dont want to make that as a 'quick little present'...

    And.... 'this'... :confused:
    your sanity goes low when reading this.... (but its a project I should work on again :p)
  2. I can confirm that this works.
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  3. I lose my voters gear using these tried and true methods as well.
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  4. I usually either put up an access chest at my mall or use the /trash command :p I'll try these ideas though :)

    Also, it once took me 45 minutes to clean out my vault pages from drop parties xD
  5. Good night...
    I hope someday I'll have enough stuff to lose something... Those will be good days... I could even start a thread on the forums!

    Someday... Hopefully...
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  6. Flashbacks while reading this... now where is my voters sword! Just found 3 beacons yesterday good stuff
  7. I do numbers 1-4 often. 11361 is an absolute disaster.
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  8. I can't seem my February Referral Block Of Clickyness anywhere...

    The first Diamond Referral Block of Clickyness ever and I lost it. If I find it, I am definitely gonna try to trade it in for stone slabs.
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  9. I try keeping my storage at home semi-sorted.. ie, blocks, gear, potions, ores, food, mob drops, books, etc... And I still have to search through everything to find stuff half the time.. xD ..I think the only thing that is properly sorted at the moment are my plethora of donkehs.. Of course, they are just sorted by speed, not any other stat.. xD
  10. Gimmie bout 20 mins.. I'll have 'er sorted..
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  11. hired!!!
  12. I do the opposite, I have 7 vaults and that is about most of the storage that I need, other than the 50 dc of eggs c;
  13. Wow... Thats a big thing to loose. I admit: when I got very valuable stuff I place it on that page in my vault that I actually know what stuff it has in it (the limit starts at about items worth 100K :p)
    Getting more chests and stuff all over the place you didnt know of comes by time, but these steps will make it a bit quicker :p You'll get there! I believe in you!
    You should make a thread about how to not loose stuff :}
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  14. I know the feeling. I only have 4 residences and one out post and I lose stuff all the time. :rolleyes:
  15. Do you have any hints on how to stop the subliminal vault expansion? I mean: I started out as a happy newb with 1 vault page, and I was happy with following the wise words of my virtual mentor: "One vault page should be enough for everyone".

    Now I got 18 or so :D

    Worse: there are also 7 shiny vault vouchers sitting in my storage chest, just waiting and tempting me to get more :p

    Still, what does work is assigning one page to one block type. Like a /vault cobble, /vault dirt, etc. Works miracles when I want to fix some waste or wild structures :)
  16. Nice storage, etc.

    My [Guide] How to lose stuff quickly:
    1. Go to Nether and you will meet Netherhounds and lose stuff quickly.
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  17. This is why I do giveaways, and you peasants thought I was generous :D
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  18. Very interesting have some spare Quartz I could buy? Or black stained glass?
  19. Ill look around a bit. Name it and I probably have it (and now dont go name all the expensive special EMC items plz :p)
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  20. Or just do what I do and give everybody container flag when chests get filled with junk!
    I've lost a few things that meant a lot to me this way, this only works if you're not as lazy as I and actually check properly first.
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