[Guide] How to Install Minecraft on Ubuntu

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  1. So how do i actually install this, i have the .iso file, ive opened it up with power iso but have no idea what to do afterward. Could you please help
  2. you burn to a DVD (It's just barely too big for a CD) and then put it in and reboot PC...
    On the screen that has a keyboard at the bottom, press enter, choose lang, and hit "Try it live" or w/e to try it, and if you like it, go ahead and install from that same place :)

    NOTE: Laptops are very picky and usually have issues, and even max's desktop was being picky...

    there is some options button on the "try or install" screen that can list an option called "nomodeset"

    if you get "black screen" issue after trying to it install or live boot, then you likely need to enable nomodeset.

    Ubuntu still has alot of rough corners, yeah it sucks, but once you get it running, its so nice :)

    And what ever you do, if your on a shared computer (ie you are a minor on the family computer), DO NOT choose the option to Erase windows, or your going to have some upset other people in the family.... Install Alongside Windows and show them how to load windows up.... but work on trying to convert them too :)
  3. can minecraft be installed on CentOS? i'm assuming yes... but i'm about to format this harddrive and put CentOS 6.3 on it. i still have Ubuntu 12.04 on my other one so i can use that but i would really prefer it be on the CentOS machine once i'm done with it.

    anyone have experiencing installing it on CentOS though?
  4. I think my brain just exploded....you said the C word :(

    1) CentOS is an archaic server based distro. I strongly do not recommend using it for a desktop, specially since its packages are sooooo old.
    2) Debian is the future... cmon :p

    It's java, and java surely runs on servers, but having 3d graphics drivers for a server based distro like CentOS is probally very unlikely to be easy, so youll likely need to compile your own drivers.... have fun with that :/
  5. Thanks Aikar, ill try that in the morning :)
  6. well i need CentOS 6.3 because I'm going for my RHCSA

    i have Ubuntu Precise for my desktop
  7. Hey aikar i have to go out and buy a DVD. I was wondering if I could just buy a CD. Finally what size should I get?
  8. I believe that the file size is 732mb so you should get a CD that can hold up to 1gb.
  9. For some reason I am not able to stream, could you help with this?
  10. simple explanation: ubuntu is windows without things like direct x.

    its one of the more user friendly versions of linux
  11. I don't think there was any question pertaining to your comment?...
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  13. Don't look at it. It bites!
  14. Yay for Ubuntu -- Kubuntu too, cause Unity is yucky :D
  15. i want people to learn about computers, yes i necro'ed i saw the thread and was liek :O

    seen alot of comments about people paying for operating systems recently (more specifically windows 8 bleh), mebbe someone gets interested in linux cause of this thread
  16. Well now that this thread has been revived for the moment, I guess I might as well share that I have actually tried to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 in the past, but every time I have ended up getting an "error" of sorts. Once I boot up my computer with the install DVD/USB, it ends up telling me that it can't detect any other operating systems on the drive, and gives me no option but to wipe the drive and make Ubuntu the only OS on the computer. Does anybody have an idea as to why this might be happening?
  17. are you partitioning correctly?
  18. I was going to post a new, simpler guide here but my Linux machine is being fussy with the Internet so I'll have to wait.
  19. The way I have it setup right now, Windows is taking up the whole C: partition and the only space left is the 100MB partition it leaves by default. Would I need to re-partition the drive and give both Windows and Ubuntu their own partitions?
  20. I'm glad this thread got bumped :)

    I am just starting to enter to world of programming for college, and more and more I'm beginning to realize that I'm going to need to give up my tired old Macbook and switch to something both more powerful and running Linux. Anyone have any suggestions for what type of laptop would work best for Linux and not cost thousands of dollars? Also, I'm a Mac person by nature :p