[Guide] How to Install Minecraft on Ubuntu

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  1. Tru7h right there!
  2. When I was in high school and what few years I was in college we were stuck with Windows. They didn't even put Macs in until my Senior year when the Engineering, Web Design and Art Teacher all went in together to get them so the classes could use them. As for the college campus I was on I don't think there was a mac anywhere on that campus and all they taught was Windows. I'm not sure if that's because of the textbooks or what. I've never tried using anything but Windows, If I had someone actually teach me how to use something else I'd give it a try. Camerin's co-worker swears by Linux.
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  4. Is that a good interesting or a wtf does this have to do with what I posted" interesting? xD
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  5. Frankly, I find the complexity of ubuntu stupid, The reason why it has no viruses is because nobody can understand the OS to make one, I don't get why you would spend all that time writing something into a terminal when I can just click a nice simple EXE and pow! Minecraft!
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  6. Sudo apt get ubuntufordummie.pdf

    I Wub Linux
  7. Do NOT insult people. -ICC
  8. That's not linux's fault... it's mojangs for not releasing a shell script version of minecraft...

    Your also not required to use terminal.

    Linux still has a long ways to go to get to really simple UI, but its still easy to use to anyone who actually puts some effort into it...

    And actually, the people making viruses are likely using linux ;) Programmers prefer linux, and programmers are the ones who write viruses.

    But the effort / reward ratio doesn't exists for linux. The kernel is much better designed, making it hard to actually write a virus that does damage w/o a ton of effort, so couple the fact usage rate is low, its not worth the effort.

    The easier it is to make a virus, the less # of people you need to be using that OS to make the virus worth making.


    I don't know how good this is, but it should help people.
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  9. If you want to stream to twitch.tv, here is a bash script you can use, it's what max and I use to stream.

    I found this bash script then modified it a bit..

    To use you will need to install the restricted extras package, ffmpeg, lame mp3, and x264
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ffmpeg libx264-dev libmp3lame-dev
    INRES="1920x1080" # input resolution
    FPS="23" # target FPS
    QUAL="veryfast"  # one of the many FFMPEG preset
    STREAM_KEY="live_FOOBARBAZ" # Replace this with your Twitch.tv stream key.
    XRES=0 # X Res to record from, if you want to record from a 2nd monitor,
    # increase this to be the width of your first monitor. for example, 1920.
    YRES=0 # Y Res to record from, you likely don't want to change this.
    ffmpeg -f x11grab -s "$INRES" -r "$FPS" -i :0.0+$XRES,$YRES \
    -f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse -vcodec libx264 -vpre "$QUAL" -s "$OUTRES" \
    -acodec libmp3lame -ar 44100 -threads 0  -qscale 2 \
    -f flv "rtmp://live.twitch.tv/app/$STREAM_KEY" 2>&1 | grep -v "live.twitch.tv"
  10. Thanks! i instlled ubuntu cuz my windows was SO slow!
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  11. Also, I was asked this in PM, but heres some recommendations I also suggest:

    gnome-shell is better than the stock Unity UI. It's what you see in Max's stream, the black bar up top (and theres a fly out dash like Unity if you put mouse in top left)

    It also is ALOT faster than Unity, and doesnt eat CPU up like Unity. Unity caused lag spikes for me in Minecraft...

    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell
    Then logout, and the ubuntu logo to the right corner of your username, change it to GNOME. Log in and now you will be in Gnome Shell instead of the default Unity UI.

    Also, avant-window-navigator is a nice Dock, its what you see at bottom of Max's screen.

    sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator awn-applets-all
    Then open AWN, and in properties make it start automatically.

    Ubuntu-Tweak is a good app too: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/
  12. The thing is, try sniffing a wifi network on a windows machine, its hard to get setup and working, doing the same on my linux machine is easy as pie 2 commands...

    (for use at work to make sure people are not using youtube)
  13. Well with Web Design you will be touching HTML (As designers do HTML/CSS work) so you fall into the "Web Developer" category.

    Linux is built around SSH, the main protocol for remotely communicating with other computers..

    If you watch Max's livestream, you'll see me doing stuff on her PC all the time lol.

    Remotely connecting to servers to manage websites and stuff, and even "mounting" the files on the web server to act just like a normal folder on your PC is all common tasks in linux/ubuntu.

    Basically, your job is made easier. On windows you have to fuddle with third party programs for terminals (though, PuTTy is a pretty good terminal...), but for the fact its not built into the OS, many apps do not support SSH natively, and the ones that do all manage the configuration seperately.

    I setup an SSH alias for "mia" to go to Max's PC, that automatically has all the correct configuration for connecting to her PC, and EVERY app on my PC that uses SSH can make use of that alias... This is not true on windows. you have to configure SSH nearly everywhere repeatedly. Then combine the fact many apps don't even support Public Key Authentication, which makes things ALOT simpler by not needing passwords, overall the experience is VERY subpar.

    But on linux, and even mac as it was built on a similiar foundation, this is all natural for most part.

    So, I recommend giving Ubuntu a shot. Once you learn how to use terminal commands, things become sooo much easier.

    Many times GUI's fail on me and i fall back to shell commands, cause they just work and do what they are meant to...
  14. reading the comments on this topic is hilarious

  15. Also, holy crap this was the most import part, and I forgot it!!!
    You need a custom LWJGL Engine setup! the default LWJGL for Linux has serious bug with keys sticking and WILL get you killed. You must update the engines input libraries to fix it... But updating all files then breaks sound! I've found a mixture of versions fixes input

    download here: http://aikar.co/updatedengine.zip and unzip to ~/minecraft/bin (thats if you used the shortcut I suggested, or else use ~/.minecraft/bin)

    This does not have a minecraft.jar, it only has the open source LWJGL library files.

    NOTE: You have to replace these files EVERY time you update MC or "Force Update", as MC will reset these files anytime it does an update... So keep this download around inside your minecraft bin folder to make it easier to always update your libraries after updating MC.

    And to show an example of how easy terminals can make things... This is what I did to backup those files and put them on my web server:
    [ Tyrial ] ---- [ 11:40 AM ] ---- [ aikar ] ----  [ ~/.minecraft/bin ]
    >>> zip -r updatedengine.zip lwjgl* jinput.jar natives/
      adding: lwjgl.jar (deflated 8%)
      adding: lwjgl_util.jar (deflated 8%)
      adding: jinput.jar (deflated 9%)
      adding: natives/ (stored 0%)
      adding: natives/libjinput-linux.so (deflated 67%)
      adding: natives/liblwjgl.so (deflated 76%)
      adding: natives/libopenal64.so (deflated 63%)
      adding: natives/libopenal.so (deflated 58%)
      adding: natives/liblwjgl64.so (deflated 75%)
      adding: natives/libjinput-linux64.so (deflated 62%)
    [ Tyrial ] ---- [ 11:40 AM ] ---- [ aikar ] ----  [ ~/.minecraft/bin ]
    >>> scp updatedengine.zip root@eternia:/aikar/
    updatedengine.zip                                                                                                                100% 1742KB  1.7MB/s  00:00  
    That's it... :)
  16. Aikar thanks for you great helpful input on this thread!
  17. Okay so I am trying to install Ubuntu to run along with Windows so that the people in my household who don't understand Linux OS can still have Windows. When I click install I go through a couple of steps and then I get this:
    Screenshot from 2012-08-01 21:12:36.png

    I would like to replace my computer's whole OS, but unforunately I cannot. Is there any way to install Ubuntu without losing all the programs, documents, photos, music and any other files in all OS?
  18. Try doing install straight from the disc instead of the live boot mode. Otherwise, check under the "Something Else"
  19. So reboot into Windows and go to D drive and install from there?
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