[GUIDE] Getting Clicks and Referrals from your Banner

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  1. What's up, ready to join the ranks of the top referrers on Empire Minecraft? Then let's get started!

    Easy Referrals

    Friends, or as I like to call them "easy referrals" are you best way to get a few quick referrals, especially if they are looking for a good survival, economy, or town server! Referrals pay 5,000 Rupees each, and I'll let you in on a little secret, it doesn't take many to place in the referral contest and get a supporter voucher!

    You want your friends to want to join EMC, do not try to force them or bribe them into joining as "empty referrals" do not really help Empire Minecraft. Just be subtle, try talking about EMC to them a bit and see if it sparks their interest, if it doesn't try playing another server with them and point out (if possible) what EMC has that their server does not. Make sure they use your name when joining the forums, or you wasted your time!

    Use Your Banner

    If you use other forums, use your banner in your signature! Random people will see it and click it occasionally, getting you free clicks and possibly a spot in the top three! This is really important, even one or two clicks can mean your place in the click contest winners.

    For your personalized referral links and banner go to here.

    Click the banner below (or your own) to check out the page they will be redirected to, in case they need help navigating it.

    Getting Clicks

    This is where rupees are made, by getting as many clicks as possible in a single month. The winners of the most clicks part of the referral contest get the following items:

    1st: Diamond Block of Clickyness (Month/Year)- Worth 300k-400k
    2nd: Gold Block of Clickyness (Month/Year)- Worth 150k-250k
    3rd: Iron Block of Clickyness (Month/Year)- Worth 50k-100k

    You can sell these to other players for the prices listed above, if you find the right buyer. But moving on, I will share a few tactics I use to get clicks on my banner.

    Minecraftforum.net has a huge community of Minecraft players looking for servers like ours, but there are only a few of us there with threads. I suggest writing a well written thread, with detail descriptions of our features and custom items/mobs to get players attention. Make sure you use some pictures as well, that always helps to catch the eye. At the end of the thread, put your banner telling the player to click the banner to be redirected to our site where they can join our thread.

    Things to Remember
    • Make sure you talk about most of our custom features and mobs
    • Make sure you mention how mature and kind our community is
    • Make sure you mention how large our community is
    Help Players
    Some players that are in the tutorial, may need help during it. If they ask for it, make your best effort to answer any questions they may have about Empire Minecraft. Once they have completed the tutorial ask them if they are active in any other forums, if they are suggest they join ours by using /register! Even if they do not, you should suggest they join ours as they get 5,000 extra rupees for signing up. During the process they are asked if anyone referred them, and maybe since you suggested they do so, they will put your name.


    Play Other Games
    Playing other games can offer a great opportunity to meet other great people AND find other minecraft players, ROBLOX for example has a HUGE amount of Minecraft players you can meet up with. Once you've found these people, try to recruit them to the server. This is how I have gained 2-4 referrals in the past, it's a bit slower process but it works.

    If this guide was not clear enough, or if you want more tips on how to get clicks and referrals feel free to shoot me a PM.
  2. I don't believe clicks from current members count.
  3. Confirmed: they do not.
  4. Thank you.
  5. New method added.
  6. I have encouraged many people to join the forums. Not once have I asked them to use my name in a referral space. I do not see my time as being wasted.

    When I encourage someone to use the forums, I am not doing it for the money.

    Hunting down new members and guiding them through the tutorial, then essentially asking them to return the favor and use you as a referral, is just wrong. The tutorial is quite easy. If a new member is having trouble with it, they should be referencing the wiki. This will start them off on a good track of being able to help themselves and not rely on others. By stalking new players through the tutorial and giving them answers whenever they ask something (instead of encouraging them to find them on their own), you are encouraging behavior that completely contradicts the wiki. The community does not thrive when this happens.
  7. I can try this, but I know for sure I won't win anything if I do it a lot of times :/
  8. This guide was written for the benefit of others, as well as to help the community by getting more and more people into getting their banner out there and attempting to refer more people to EMC. If you do not approve of my methods, do not use them, simple as that. I agree helping new members through the tutorial may cause a little less self reliance, but if they do not see how helpful our community is, what's to say they'll stay very long?

    And I do encourage new players to read through the wiki once they have completed the tutorial, anyone from SMP3 who has seen me welcome a new member can confirm that, I use this message below whenever I see a new player join:

    Welcome to the Empire! Let me know if you need any help or Check out the wiki! emc.gs/wiki/index

    I can say, I do attempt and win the referral contest for my own benefit, I win Supporter Vouchers and blocks worth 100k+ rupees for doing this, as well as 20k per 5 referrals, but I also do it to help EMC, just like everything else I do.
  9. Just so everyone knows, if a player is already in-game and you refer them, it does NOT count on the contest. We have a method that searches around that...
  10. I've already gotten 4 friends to join EMC except they always log off before registering and then they won't come back on. Any suggestions on persuading them to register without demanding it?
  11. If you know they use other forums on other sites, games, etc. and you know them in real life, show them how great the forums are most of the time.

    EDIT: As for those friends that you do not know in real life, but did refer to EMC, they get 5,000 rupees for registering onto the forums. So I would suggest telling them that if they play again :D
  12. They have never used any other forums before.....they play a bloodthirsty server :p

    My other friends want to do activity on the forums but the site won't let them in when they type their password right a gazillion times :confused:
  13. Warning: Players are getting rude to each other. I advise you take a step back andre-evaluate before commenting.

    Regardless of personal gain or not, this thread is Nccoryg's. It's not anyone else's. If you want to make your own guide, then do so. Until then, keep things on-topic and nice or don't say anything at all.

    This thread is being cleaned up of extraneous posts by request.
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  14. I believe if they put their e-mail in while registering in-game they can reset it that way (not positive on that though), or they could contact a staff member about it.
  15. Well, we tried doing /register in-game but the text said she was already registered. I'll talk to a staff member about it. Thanks for the help! :)
  16. Have them message support@empireminecraft.com
  17. Anytime.
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  18. Report the ones you want deleted.