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  1. So, since enraged mobs were introduced into EMC, they've been a little pesky to fight with. So I decided to make a quick guide on how to defeat those pests quick and simple.

    Enraged Skeletons:
    Always have a bow with you to deal with these guys, they can shoot a long range, and they have good accuracy from my experiences. If you're in a cave, corner him, and get directly on top of the skeleton, so, his shots will not affect you, or your armor.
    Melee is another choice, but, when you're in a small cave, it'll be hard to not get shot by them, unless you are in an open above ground space, where you can circle in on the skeleton and then slay it with your sword.
    Enchants on your sword/bow will also help. Smite IV or Sharpness IV on a sword, and Power III, IV, or V will help on bows.
    Armor will also benefit you from not taking as much damage from any mob basically. So diamond or iron preferably enchanted. (Protection III-IV)

    Enraged Zombies:
    Bows are always a choice, but melee is the best way to go with these zombies. Enchanted swords Sharpness IV-V.
    The easiest way I found to killing enraged zombies is towering 3-4 blocks, and then either trap it in a box, or just hit it from there. It'll reduce you from taking damage.
    High armor enchants will always be beneficial when fighting enraged mobs. I found out that having a water bucket with you to place down where your position is, pushing the enraged zombie back and giving it a hard time to reach you.

    After experimenting a little, it takes three hits to kill one enraged zombie with a Sharpness V enchant on a sword.
    Enraged Creepers:
    In my opinion, these guys are the worst enraged mob to deal with, so, an easy way to defeat an enraged creeper is towering 8-10 blocks high, and then shooting it with your bow continuously until it dies. So no explosions will occur. Also luring enraged creepers into flowing water will prevent them from spawning fire when they explode, creating less destruction. Then it'll make them an easy kill.
    Knockback II swords and Punch II bows will aid in this situation to prevent explosions. You can also melee, but you'll have a better chance of survival with a knockback II sword, or towering up. These little buggers are smart so they can find alternate routes to get as close as possible to you. (Just like any other enraged mob)
    I suggest high enchants on your sword (Sharpness IV Knockback II) and high enchants on your bow (Power IV Punch II). that doesn't mean you'll not be able to defeat any enraged mob without enchanted gear, but it will most definitely benefit you in the long run. Same for armor. Try to get as high enchanted and high quality you can afford.

    Nether Hounds:
    These are second to worst in my opinion. An easy way to kill these guys are to tower 2-3 blocks so they can't reach you and then kill them with your bow/sword. They only spawn in the Nether, so, always have some blocks in your inventory just in case of a surprise attack from them.
    They are tough to kill, so, it will benefit you if you have enchanted weaponry and armor when fighting nether hounds. High enchants preferably.
    Always carry fire resistance potions in your inventory, preferably 8:00 minutes, to keep you as safe as possible from fire. Even if you don't think you'll encounter these guys, you most likely will, and you might fall into lava, or step into fire by accident.

    Things that ALL enraged mobs have in common:

    They are smart, they'll find the best possible route to get as close as they can to you.
    They are fast, so, be careful.
    They are on fire, so Flame I bows or Fire Aspect I-II swords won't benefit you.
    They have higher health than other mobs, so use enchanted weaponry to benefit you.

    I've finally fought some momentuses and marlixes and I've concluded they're some stuff mobs. Momentuses have 300 hearts, way more than an enderdragon, so it'll take a while for you to kill a momentus. In my experience, I'd use my bow instead of melee, it's way easier to snipe the momentus then risking death from melee. Power V Unbreaking III Flame I bows are highly recommended. When shooting a momentus, shoot from around 30-50 blocks away or he'll draw you in. Also, shoot at it's bottom half. Now, for Marlixes, they have wonderful aim, and punch on the bows, I've found that melee is the best way to go with these guys, it's extremely hard shooting them, so it's good to have a sharpness V sword in handy. The enraged skeletons spawned are a pain, because they have a little punch in their shots also. So, high enchants wuold REALLY benefit you in these type of fights.

    Items that will benefit you when fighting Enraged Mobs:
    Ender pearls

    Fire resistance Potions
    Any sort of blocks (16-64)
    regen/strength/speed/instant health potions
    Enchanted Sword
    Enchanted Bow
    Enchanted Armor
    Golden Apples (enchanted or regular)

    If you have anything to add, please comment down below! :)

    Alright, I've found a very easy way to kill withers, I don't believe this is illegal, but here is a video that I discovered. :)
    Use Smite V to kill it in the fastest possible time. :)
  2. I have no trouble with enraged mobs except for creeper (grr)

    But nice tut (Y) +1 to piggeeh
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  3. Nice Guide, I like the colors :D Better be ready to update it with others when Aikar releases them. *Such as Enraged Chickens
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  4. I'll be looking forward to enraged piggehs. > : D
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  5. How about a guide on finding them :p

    No but seriously, to me they are super easy to fight (high level enchanted stuff) I just never find any, it takes me like 10 day/nights at mob hunting to even get one..
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  6. I find a good way to defend from the creepers is to hide in water because they spawn fire when they explode so if your in water then this does not matter making them easy kills.
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  7. I've always found Enraged Mobs everywhere since 1.6, they just started to be where I was. Every time I go to the wild I see about 20. (Out in the wild for 3 minecraft days)
  8. I'll add that in! :)
  9. I never have.. I've spent roughly 30 minecraft days in the wild/waste for mob hunting and have found 2 lol
  10. I mostly find them above ground in deserts. I rarely find them in caves.
  11. I never go hunting in caves :p

    I usually use an island not far from waste spawn and I find lots of normal mobs there. I also know of a desert but haven't tried it out yet, thanks :)
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  12. 3 enraged mobs within 5 minutes. :)
    Enraged Creeper right outside of the Wastelands spawn.

    2013-08-14_09.37.13.png Dirt Pillar, easy kill.

    It's been trapped. ;)

    Then an enraged zombie.

    Then another one. :)
  13. All the enraged mobs I just found were at this location on SMP7

  14. Please note that another option for pillaring would be to create a dirt pillar 2 blocks high and kill them with your sword. If you have Looting III on your sword, then this is ideal.
  15. That's what I do, most of the time.
  16. hey if you want a guide to killing a momentus: Trap them in a hole and hit their feet.... even when they suck you in, you dont get damaged....

  17. i dont really have much problems with enraged
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  18. Someone has a diamond farm..
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  19. I've never seen an enraged creeper before :p
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