[GUIDE]Earning Rupees on EMC

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  1. WARNING: This is a current rough draft, If something is missing or needs adding let me know so I can change it.

    Hey guys, I wrote a short.... 3 page guide... on earning rupees on EMC.

    It is listed here.

    I would have typed it on the forums here, but Google Docs allows for more customization :)

    I know there are other guides out there, I just wanted to throw this in.
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  2. Not bad ;)
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  3. OR . . . you can just give me some.

    I kid, very well done.
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  4. Nice guide. :)

    However, you missed a huge part of it...

    Sell to existing shops/malls! This is huge and a great way of getting money!
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  5. That will be fixed after my dinner.
  6. Penguin, do you happen to own a mall? :p
  7. I like it and I also have a suggestion for you ;)


    A simple, often overlooked but still very effective way to make money.

    Other than that, I like it!
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  8. Comic Sans, I love it already.
    *During Reading* WOOOAH Its live! .O.
    *After Readying* Ye, I like it a lot. :)
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  9. Paid you 1r. :)
    I shall add...
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  10. Nope. One's in the works though... :p
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  11. This is great. I agree with the idea of selling to shops on this list. I've made tons selling to Sgt_Pepper4.
    I've been wondering where there could be a good list of players that buy in large quantities. I want to have a link in that for my shop so that people don't ask if they can buy something for less...
    I'll have a message chest with a list as soon as I can get a good list of places that do this.
  12. Too kind, sir.
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  13. Instructions unclear my cat is now stuck in the dishwasher...
  14. Nice! I liked it, it's indeed very helpful.